Tokyo Gate Bridge

Sightseeing information about Tokyo Gate Bridge in Japan.

Tokyo Gate Bridge3.9

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This bridge is nicknamed 'Dinosaur Bridge' because of its resemblance to two dinosaurs facing each other. These dinosaurs are easy to spot from the distance and menacingly huge if you go there and look up.

As the bridge is located in the Tokyo Bay area, you can get unobstructed views of the major city sights including Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree. Soaring overhead are aircraft on their way to and from the nearby Haneda air port. Strolling along the coast, you can enjoy a whole view of the bridge, which is spectacular in the evening and at night. In daytime with clear sky, Mount Fuji can be seen over this 90m-tall structure. It is 3km long and offers a nice 30-minute walking exercise one way.

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