Sightseeing information about Toshimaen in Japan.


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Toshimaen is an amusement park with some 30 attractions including roller coasters and circular rides. There are many rides catering to children and adults alike, but the best is Carousel El Dorado, a merry-go-round of 100 years of history dating from 1907. This historic ride is registered as a Mechanical Engineering Heritage item in Japan, and highly recommended for anyone.

This spot is not just an amusement park. There are many events throughout the year, including cherry-blossom viewing in spring, swimming pools in summer, a beer garden festival in autumn, and ice skating and illumination in winter. There is a natural hot spring facility attached, and you can relax your tired body after having a lot of fun.

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5.04 months ago

It’s a compact but fun place good for family outings, the haunted houses ain’t that scary though hahahahaha.

5.08 months ago

Very good park for children. A bit old but well maintained. For kids it doesn't matter,they are very happy to ride all the attractions which you can find there. I must say that the queues are not so long, maximum 15-20 mins on a weekend, and price wise very affordable. The location is very convenient,just a minute from the station, from Cinema and different restaurants. We will come here again.

4.06 months ago

It's fun and quite a good place to go for a regular amusement park. There's a train that goes straight to Toshimaen from Nerima sta. Lines aren't long. Not crowded either on a weekend.

3.011 months ago

I enjoyed my stay in the park, but I didn't feel it would be worth 1000 yen, if not for the jazz live performance, which is only held once a week in June. The park is big and offers a lot of attractions for a separate fee, but I came to see hydrangea garden, which was beautiful but not very large, had narrow pathways and was therefore a bit crowded. Still, I managed to take nice photos. I also liked the fact all hydrangea species were signed, and that the homepage gives information on the current state of blooming, even though only in Japanese. I was very surprised to find no themed souvenirs, there were only a couple of usual Tokyo sweets and Disney goods for children.

4.05 months ago

Good old fashioned amusement park, you will get a better deal on the afternoon entrance ticket with rides pass...than the all day ticket.

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