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Toshimaen is an amusement park with some 30 attractions including roller coasters and circular rides. There are many rides catering to children and adults alike, but the best is Carousel El Dorado, a merry-go-round of 100 years of history dating from 1907. This historic ride is registered as a Mechanical Engineering Heritage item in Japan, and highly recommended for anyone.

This spot is not just an amusement park. There are many events throughout the year, including cherry-blossom viewing in spring, swimming pools in summer, a beer garden festival in autumn, and ice skating and illumination in winter. There is a natural hot spring facility attached, and you can relax your tired body after having a lot of fun.

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4.0a month ago

It's good for kids and cheap option compare to other theme park. Not very crowded and kids can easily enjoy few hours along with their parents.

3.03 months ago

It's old, but for Japanese that grew up in this part of Tokyo/Saitama there's a lot of nostalgia. Good for an atmospheric walk on a nice night.
Winter illumination events can be quite nice (and occasionally free to enter, if I recall correctly).
Hanami events were overpriced and crowded.

3.03 months ago

If you are looking for a nice spot for a date this isn’t for you.

If you have small kids and need someplace safe, fun, and responsibly priced this is for you!
Bring insect repellent!!

- The cosplay event days are fun.
- You will need lots of insect repellent.
- It’s better to come in a group and you’ll need a photographer.
- The rules are very relaxed but don’t bring a super sexy or revealing cosplay
- Keep in mind the other guest are not cosplayers so you may run into extremely ignorant people.

5.07 months ago

The pool and waterpark here are fantastic for summer days.
Not so crowded, lots to do.
Food and drinks.
Lots of space, and it’s great if you rent a private cabana.
The staff here are super-friendly.

5.05 months ago

Toshimaen (としまえん) is an amusement park in Nerima, Tokyo, Japan, owned by the Seibu Group. It has a variety of rides, including three roller coasters, and a water park with 25 slides and six pools.
Toshimaen was the first in the world to have a river pool in 1965. The water park has other facilities as well, such as children's pool where toddlers can swim in as well, a wave pool, and the Hydropolis with water slides.

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