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Moerenuma Park2.3

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A vast comprehensive park in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Designed by a world renowned sculptor Isamu Noguchi, the park is a work of sculpture art itself, and the landscape can be enjoyed as a fusion of nature and art. The kids playground with colorful equipment is surrounded by over 2600 cherry trees and becomes a great cherry blossom spot in spring.
Flower season: Early to mid May

Purpose,sports,kids,cherry blossom viewing,art,autumn foliage
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5.03 months ago

Bit far from the city center but definitely worth going! In winter the entire place is covered with snow, creating a gorgeous winter wonderland. Just walking around is great but you can also rent ski & toboggan equipment and play around the hill. Do check if the restaurant there will be open when you visit, because if not then I suggest going after lunch or bringing your own lunch so as to not go hungry.

5.03 months ago

Wow! This is one of the most beautiful parks I have visited. Visiting in winter under snow, shows a very different side of this place. Glass pyramid is a sight to behold. Also you can rent cross country ski equipments. Snow shoes, skis ... Etc extremely picturesque. Grab a sleigh slide and slide down the slopes! Go all the way to the top, a bit tough for the unfit and see the awesome view from there!

5.02 months ago

Amazing in winter. Had a grand time going down the slope, and the lady at the coffeehouse was so kind to lend sleds, let me listen to old records and have delicious snacks.

5.07 months ago

Great fun place to explore - even more so with pink hire bicycles (at the East gate). Inside the glass pyramid is interesting. We were there Oct 10 (2019) - autumn leaves just about starting. Give it a week and it will be really beautiful.

5.03 months ago

Peacefull Place!
Excellent site view!
Nice museum shop
Excellent gallery
Excellent restaurant
I had a lovely journey

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