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This 7km-long avenue, located in Shizunai Town in southern Hokkaido, is lined both sides with 3,000 cherry trees. The two tree lines are arranged exactly 36m wide, hence called "20 Ken Road" (meaning 36m-wide road). It is said that you can behold "thousands of blooming trees at one glance". This spot is a Hokkaido's Regional Heritage site and considered one of Japan's best 100 cherry blossom viewing spots. The best time is from early to mid-May.

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7 km of blossom, amazing!
Clean toilet but only few of them.

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Cherry blossoms are very beautiful! During the season, it is recommended to visit early in the morning because there is not much traffic jam.

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Nearby "Shizuani" in Central Hokkaido's "Hidaka" district is one of Japans top 100 "Sakura" sightseeing spots!
A 7 kilometre stretch of road near "Shizunai", known as "Nijukan Douro Sakura Namiki" is lined either side with Cherry Blossom trees.
Getting there can be a little difficult for those who don't drive, but here is how to get there by public transport.

Getting to "Shizunai".
From "Tomakomai" station take the "Hidaka line" to "Shizunai". It takes roughly 2 and a half hours. From there you can take a bus to the road.

Photos courtesy of Keiko Wakayama

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