Asahiyama Park

Sightseeing information about Asahiyama Park in Japan.

Asahiyama Park2.8

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A popular cherry blossom spot in the eastern part of Asahikawa city, Hokkaido.
Approx 2300 mountain cherry trees along with the carpet of dogtooth violets announce the arrival of spring.
Located at the southern hillside of Mt. Asahiyama, the park provides a great view and attracts a number of families and tourists.
Asahiyama Zoo and Asahiyama Miura Garden, located right next to the park, are also places to visit.
Cherry blossom season: Early to mid-May

PurposeSeasonal Flowers,cherry blossom viewing
Airport/Sta.Kita-Hinode Sta. (about 2.3km) Google Transit


4.0a year ago

20 odd minutes of easy walk up the hill is rewarded with a nice view of the countryside plus a meditative experience

5.04 months ago

Nature parked well !

3.010 months ago

Beautiful flower....

5.0a year ago


1.03 months ago

There are so many dog ​​walks. I would like you to take a dog run.

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