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Sunshine Aquarium4.4

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Sunshine Aquarium, with a concept of "oasis in the sky", is Japan's first aquarium built on the rooftop. The most prominent is the aquarium's outdoor area with a donut-shaped tank suspended 2.3m above the floor, where sea lions and penguins float against the blue sky and skyscrapers. The indoor zone features Japan's first tunnel-shaped tanks displaying jelly fish, and a tank for huge ocean sunfish.

Other attractions include a sea lion show on the stage that can be viewed 360 degrees, and an in-tank performance show in which a diver introduces each fish using a microphone. Rarely seen creatures such electric eels, wolffish and sea angels are also drawing visitors. Easy access from Ikebukuro Station and other fun places in the Sunshine City complex makes this spot a worthwhile visit.

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4.0a week ago

Visited in January 2019. A must-visit aquarium in Tokyo. Fish collections were massive and interesting. I once watched a worker in turtle tank and another worker in a big tank, suggesting meticulous cleaning were done for each possible tanks. Souvenir shop is nearby the second floor and provided many small stuffs the kids may love. I didn’t come to open aquarium section since there were many tours already running and people were too crowd over there.

5.0a month ago

This was a super fun addition to our trip to Sunshine City. The aquarium has a really nice atmosphere and is decently big. We spent about 2 hours looking at all the attractions. The exhibits were beautiful. We loved looking at the wide variety of fish and semiaquatic animals.

4.0a month ago

Nice place to give your child new experience for Aquariums animals in the crowd city. But the entrance fee is quite expensive for us from overseas developing countries. Since we were there, then we must stop by to entertained the children.

5.04 months ago

The sunshine aquarium was BEAUTIFUL! I love that it was on a roof and the seals and penguin exhibits were awesome. The variety of sea life they have was really nice and their shop is full of cute goodies to take home. I also really enjoyed all the Halloween decorations they had. Overall it was a great time and I would love to return.

4.03 months ago

It's a great aquarium in a very unique location. They have a new penguin exhibit that looks like the penguins are flying. The temporary exhibition was a bit sad because it was mostly bugs (I'm not a fan) and there was a very lonely owl. (it looked so sad and broke my heart a bit) I saw the feeding show in the big tank and it was really fun to watch. The whole place was in Halloween theme which I did appreciate.

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