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Sunshine Aquarium4.4

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Sunshine Aquarium, with a concept of "oasis in the sky", is Japan's first aquarium built on the rooftop. The most prominent is the aquarium's outdoor area with a donut-shaped tank suspended 2.3m above the floor, where sea lions and penguins float against the blue sky and skyscrapers. The indoor zone features Japan's first tunnel-shaped tanks displaying jelly fish, and a tank for huge ocean sunfish.

Other attractions include a sea lion show on the stage that can be viewed 360 degrees, and an in-tank performance show in which a diver introduces each fish using a microphone. Rarely seen creatures such electric eels, wolffish and sea angels are also drawing visitors. Easy access from Ikebukuro Station and other fun places in the Sunshine City complex makes this spot a worthwhile visit.

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4.0in the last week

Quite small and not much to do besides looking at the sea life, a good layout although some halls are cramped.

The restaurants are good with a good choice of food and drinks but waiting times can be long during peak times.

Lots to see but some tanks have no real design leaving you feeling a bit sorry for some fish in a plan tank with nothing else inside it.

4.02 months ago

A good way to spend 2 hours. It's an aquarium on the 9th floor of a shopping complex. There exhibits are on the very cool but it'll only take 30 to 40 minutes to walk through them. The seal show was awesome. My favorite animal was the sunfish. That thing is huge!

4.04 months ago

Located in the top floor of the Sunshine city, this is a very unique location for an aquarium. Although not large in size, the aquarium has a nice variety of fish exhibits. The sea lion show and penguin exhibits are the main draw and usually quite crowded. The special penguin exhibit makes the penguin appear to swim through the Tokyo skyline. The price of admission can be a bit high, but I feel that it's worth it for the experience.

5.0a month ago

Amazing experience, definitely worth checking it out if you’re in Tokyo! Beautiful scenery and breathtaking animals! Plus a nice little gift shop!

5.07 months ago

Good aquarium located in the heart of Tokyo city. Once you got out from Ikebukuro station, you can follow the sign to exit 35, and then follow the people to sunshine city, not difficult for the direction. The aquarium seems small, but with enough species of fish in here. One of the highlights in this aquarium is they built a outdoor where people can stand under the pool to see penguins swimming which made you feel like they were swimming in the sky, so as to seals and pelicans. We visited this aquarium during Japan’s new year period, keeper was wearing kimono to do the feeding performance, not sure if this happened during normal days. But this is very interesting, since we never seem any aquarium has such a feeding performance with kimono. Most exhibition has Japanese and English, but some of them displays with Japanese only. Hopefully this part can be improved soon. The entrance fee for adult is ¥2,000/per person, you can also choose to buy package ticket with ¥2,800/per person, which includes the tickets to aquarium and sky observation (3/1/2018).

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