Sightseeing information about Miyajima in Japan.


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The small island of Miyajima is considered one of three great views in Japan, alongside with Matsushima and Ama-no-hashidate. The island itself has long been worshiped, and its shrine was listed a World Heritage Site in 1996. The 'floating' view in the sea of the building and torii gate is dreamlike against the backdrop of a mountain with primeval forest.

Other attractions include a five-story pagoda and a huge prayer hall with nearly 1,000 tatami mats. There are a park, an aquarium and spaces where you can stroll around with deer. Try some local delicacies such as rice with steamed 'anago' eel and roasted oyster. For souvenir, sweet bun in the shape of maple leaf (momiji-manju), which dates back over a century, has an exquisite fluffy taste.

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5.04 weeks ago

A special place to visit. Go prepared with snacks and drinks if you’re travelling on a budget. The food stalls there are not cheap. Other than that just go and enjoy the place. Hike if you are able and enjoy the views from the top. There is a cable car to the top if you’re short of time or can’t walk the 90 minutes to two hours it’s meant to take. We went twice to see the Tori Gate at both high and low tides.

5.0in the last week

Great island. Otorii gate was really cool. Do Not feed the deer. They will harass and follow you until you have nothing left to give. Oysters were delicious.

5.02 months ago

One of the most beautiful places in Hiroshima. Would recommend to visit the temples both near the bottom of the mountain as well as the ones at the top. Please plan to visit for a whole day as the hike to the top takes about 2 hours and the last cable car down is at 5:30 and it is unsafe to walk down past sunset as there are no lights along any of the pathways. Would strongly recommend staying to watch the sunset as it is extremely beautiful from the island.

5.04 months ago

Perfect! The food was great! The shrine is beautiful. Wandering around when low tide, waiting for sunset and of course, helping others taking photo (apparently they were drawn to my expert-alike look, or may be just I was pretty much walking alone with 1 hand on a camera and a phone on the other =)))).

5.02 months ago

So beautiful!! The island has fantastic walks and the shops are great for souvenirs but the real attraction is of course the floating Torri gate. It is absolutely beautiful!! TIP: Get there before sun set, personally I think the photos are better and there's less people in your shot of the gate.

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