Sightseeing information about Miyajima in Japan.


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The small island of Miyajima is considered one of three great views in Japan, alongside with Matsushima and Ama-no-hashidate. The island itself has long been worshiped, and its shrine was listed a World Heritage Site in 1996. The 'floating' view in the sea of the building and torii gate is dreamlike against the backdrop of a mountain with primeval forest.

Other attractions include a five-story pagoda and a huge prayer hall with nearly 1,000 tatami mats. There are a park, an aquarium and spaces where you can stroll around with deer. Try some local delicacies such as rice with steamed 'anago' eel and roasted oyster. For souvenir, sweet bun in the shape of maple leaf (momiji-manju), which dates back over a century, has an exquisite fluffy taste.

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5.0in the last week

At a distance of 10 minute ferry ride from Hiroshima, every aspect of this place is beautiful. A must visit as a day trip from Hiroshima.

5.02 months ago

Beautiful to visit for a day trip when in Hiroshima. Plenty of things to see in the island and good food to choose from. Stay a bit later to see the shrine at night!

5.02 months ago

This really is a world away from any place I have ever visited. The iconic shrines. The mountain forest walks. Mysterious and stunning. Thank you, Miyajima!

5.02 months ago

I do love this Island and felling sad that I could not saw the temple and the shrine when the water tide(I think that landscape will be more beautiful) BTW you can spend your time for all day or stay weekend on this Island!! And do not forget to try to eat the shell!!! 🐚

5.0in the last week

Perfect for a walk and for spending a day enjoying Japanese culture.

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