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Kabukiza Theater4.2

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Kabuki is a traditional stage play with around 400 years of history. The current style of dance, speech and music using traditional instruments such as shamisen (three-stringed banjo) was established in the early Edo period.

In Tokyo, the most accessible theater is Kabukiza in the Ginza district, which was reopended in 2013 after renovation. Be sure to rent an audio set to fully enjoy the play with a blow-by-blow account. The kiosk sells souvenirs and banto theme in the play topic.

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5.0a month ago

Came here a few years ago but since then it has been completely refurbished, and very impressive it is too. Interesting gallery exhibits provide a very brief history of Kabuki. And the performances.. simply stunning. Runs over 4 hours including intervals, and text based translation devices are available in English. Highly recommended, a magical experience..

5.0in the last week

I was able to rent an English caption guide for one play at 500 yen. The guide was essential in allowing me to follow the story of the performance.
Excellent experience overall. Definitely a must see

5.04 weeks ago

An authentic Japanese theatre production in a fascinating historic theatre building. You can see a whole show lasting several hours or just part of a show. The pricing ranges from about $10 to well over $100 depending on seats and what you see. There is also a shopping area below the theatre to buy traditional souvenir items. Well worth the experience.

5.0a month ago

Fantastic...read all of the notices (about food, drink, translation systems, resturaunts, etc.) Chose 1st Class seats on 1st floor. Choose wisely, as a lot of action happens on the runway (pending the show).

Went for the matinee (all 3 shows) - was almost too much (per western standards) - 2 plays, 3 intermissions (the first being a "lunch break"), and the last act was a dance/music number associated with play number 2. There is an option for same day, single play (see the website)

Absolutely worth it. Would do it again, just might change seats to see the runway better.

4.02 months ago

I've done it and I liked it. It is an art. But having so less time to explore the city we chose to see 15 minutes act of the first act. You have to get the cards at the window on the day of the show. They are very cheap, you have to stand though. It was still worth it. A great way to experience the Japanese culture.

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