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Kabukiza Theater4.2

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Kabuki is a traditional stage play with around 400 years of history. The current style of dance, speech and music using traditional instruments such as shamisen (three-stringed banjo) was established in the early Edo period.

In Tokyo, the most accessible theater is Kabukiza in the Ginza district, which was reopended in 2013 after renovation. Be sure to rent an audio set to fully enjoy the play with a blow-by-blow account. The kiosk sells souvenirs and banto theme in the play topic.

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5.0a month ago

Beautiful place, wonderful shows.

You can rent a tablet for the translation of the play. It is ¥500 with a ¥1000 deposit.

I highly recommend seeing at least one play if you are in town. Line up early for the 111:30 am show. I got there at 10 and it was almost sold out (for the single act ticket)

5.0a week ago

Getting the single act tickets is a little inconvenient - on sale at very limited times, only 1 ticket per person, cash only. But it's well worth it for this unique Japanese experience! And the price of a single act is a bargain - I paid 1100Y for an act of about 45 min. Imagine getting to see a little of a Broadway show for $10. Web site is very helpful, search Kabuki web.

5.0a month ago

What an interesting place! I really wish I could've stayed and watched one of the spectacles. These amazing mythical japanese creatures come to life it this traditional style of theater. The building is accessible and cool to visit even when there is no shows going on and you can see multiple nice kiosks on the bottom floor. I'll have to come back to this one.

5.0a month ago

Very cool and unique Japanese experience. Queuing for the tickets is very well organized and worth the wait! You don’t have to go to all of the acts and you only pay for the ones you want to watch. No photos or videos allowed, so it’s a must-see!

5.0a month ago

I highly recommend going to see just one act! Very impressive costums, makeup, music and acting. Far from anything I've seen in the states. English audio guides are available, it's worth it to rent one.

Tickets go on sale at 10:30am, get there by 10 if you want to make first act of the 11am matinee. Once the seats fill up it's standing room only, by the time you wait in line for tickets then stand for the 1 hr act you're feet will be tired. You'll have the option to purchase tickets for a later act. Cash only.

For souvenirs go to the right of the theater, down the escalator. Plenty of shopping and food.

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