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Kabukiza Theater4.2

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Kabuki is a traditional stage play with around 400 years of history. The current style of dance, speech and music using traditional instruments such as shamisen (three-stringed banjo) was established in the early Edo period.

In Tokyo, the most accessible theater is Kabukiza in the Ginza district, which was reopended in 2013 after renovation. Be sure to rent an audio set to fully enjoy the play with a blow-by-blow account. The kiosk sells souvenirs and banto theme in the play topic.

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5.0a month ago

It's truly amazing experience if you like theater. Don't worry if you don't know Japanese, you can rent a device which would show English subtitles. I highly recommend getting the best seats as visual part of Kabuki, actors faces are SUPER important, sometimes more than the story and if you seat far you just miss everything.

5.04 weeks ago

A truly unique experience and very foreigner friendly in the heart of Ginza, with an inexpensive and unobtrusive translator that provides context and text translation (no audio, which in my opinion would ruin the experience). For those that do not want to commit to all four acts, you can queue for the single act seats (at the top of the theatre and the worst seats, but still great). I advise you line up 30 minutes before the tickets are being sold. Only the first 60 get seats.

5.0a month ago

I love Kabuki. Just walked in and lined up. Not too lucky for a good show and was seated at far high back, can't see anything. Maybe advance booking or subscription is available to get good front seats and choice of shows.

5.0a month ago

I don't know how to judge a Japanese Kabuki theater. The show here was entertaining and the views were good. Very unique space. The staff were very helpful. It seems that everyone brings their own food for during the intermissions.

5.0a month ago

Definitely check out an act! We paid 1000¥ for 2 of us to see 15 minutes and it was such a gorgeous crane dance. Since we didn’t have more time (and my husband didn’t have the inclination), it was the perfect sample of kabuki. Everything was beautifully organized.

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