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Kabukiza Theater4.2

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Kabuki is a traditional stage play with around 400 years of history. The current style of dance, speech and music using traditional instruments such as shamisen (three-stringed banjo) was established in the early Edo period.

In Tokyo, the most accessible theater is Kabukiza in the Ginza district, which was reopended in 2013 after renovation. Be sure to rent an audio set to fully enjoy the play with a blow-by-blow account. The kiosk sells souvenirs and banto theme in the play topic.

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3.0a month ago

I can't say much about this place, besides the view from outside and also the gift shop that's located downstairs in the basement level. I liked it. I just wish I had the money to go and enjoy a Kabuki play. I can't wait till that day comes. I adore Kabuki theatre. I've only seen them on screen though never in person.

3.0in the last week

It was definitely an interesting experience. We bought tickets a few hours before the show at the theater and by that point there was only standing room seats left. These seats are really far back up so you will have some trouble seeing parts of the show and will probably get tired from standing for more than an hour. The plays are usually all in Japanese so I would definitely recommend paying the money and getting the translations. The play itself was ok. I felt that the sets weren't very impressive. It was hard for me to judge the acting since it was in a different language. We only bought tickets for the first act which felt a bit too long. The outside of the theater is nice and at least worth looking at if you are in the area.

4.0a month ago

I was here to watch the single act kabuki. I got there 30 minutes before the first act was about to start and that was way too late but luckily I was in time for the second act. So make sure to get there an hour and a half early. The seats were quite decent and the view was okay. Try and take binoculars which should help! The management was fantastic and get in and out was super efficient. Make sure to catch kabuki atleast once!

5.0a week ago

I went to a one act in May. You need to queue early before ticket sales start to get a seat for the one-act-day-of sales.

I tried again in August but on opening day, it was really popular and we couldn't get a seat.

Kabuki was amazing and I want to go back again!

5.03 months ago

It's truly amazing experience if you like theater. Don't worry if you don't know Japanese, you can rent a device which would show English subtitles. I highly recommend getting the best seats as visual part of Kabuki, actors faces are SUPER important, sometimes more than the story and if you seat far you just miss everything.

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