Shingu Shrine / Koka, Shiga Prefecture

Sightseeing information about Shingu Shrine / Koka, Shiga Prefecture in Japan.

Shingu Shrine (Shingu Jinja) / Koka, Shiga Prefecture2.5

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An ancient shrine located in Koka Ciry, Siga Prefecture. Built in 1485, the Omote-mon (front gate) with its thatched roof and white plaster walls, was designated as a National Important Cultural Property. The gate is also known as Shinji no Ro-mon (Two-storied Gate of Shinji area), though it only has one story. It is considered that its upper story was lost, or the construction stopped halfway through for some reason. Cherry blossom trees along the approach to the shrine become in full bloom in the early April and the picturesque view of cherry blossoms against the lovely gate is amazing.
Shingu Shrine (Japanese)
Nearby attractions:
Koka Ninja House
Narita Fureai Ranch (Japanese)

Purposecherry blossom viewing,shrine/temple
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4.04 years ago

There is a manor called Isho Sanryo from early on, and it was said that it was finally separated into the Shingu here, Yagawa near here, and Sanso in Sandaiji. The three shrines here, Shingu Shrine, nearby Yagawa Shrine, and Sandaiji's Sandaiji Shrine (now Hiyoshi Shrine) are collectively called "Somasansha Daimyojin". I went without a survey, so I was surprised at the greatness of the shrine. Since there is no parking lot, you can park on the street and visit for a short time near the front gate of Shingu Shrine, which is a heavy sentence of the country just before you.

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