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Kaizu Osaki is a cape that juts into the northern part of the Lake Biwa-ko, the largest lake in Japan located in Shiga Prefecture, with 800 cherry blossom trees lining a 4km stretch along the shoreline. The view of pink cherry blossoms against the blue lake with rock reef, surrounded with mountains including the Mt. Higashi-yama, is breathtaking. During the season in early-mid April, they offer pleasure boats from which you can view cherry blossoms (booking required).
Basic info https://takashima-kanko.jp/sakura/ (Japanese)
Cruise lines https://takashima-kanko.jp/sakura/ship.html (Japanese)

Purposecherry blossom viewing,sightseeing,major
Airport/Sta.Osaka International Airport (about 93.8km) Google Transit


4.08 months ago

Really good place for BBQ or picnic

5.09 months ago

Nice place to drive with the lake biwa around it and nice to drive during sakura season

5.0a month ago

Beautiful scenery for photography.

5.0a year ago

Cherry Blossom in Kaizu Osaki 海津大崎の桜

Selected as one of the 100 most beautiful cherry blossom viewing sites in Japan, this coastal road of Lake Biwa in Kaizu Osaki marked as route 557 located in a town of Makino offers a great sight. More than 800 trees of cherry being planted in a wide range of approximately 4 km of length along the road. Some trees are aged over 80 years. Kaizu Osaki is also known as one of the 8 most scenic places around the coast of Lake Biwa. There are some businesses offering a tour on pleasure boat around a port. Around this point the road joins into route 513 along the coast.

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5.0a year ago

beautiful little beach. there id a parking and bbq fee but bike parking and use of the beach are free. shallow water with big rocks to climb and shady trees to sit under.

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