Oshino Hakkai Springs

Sightseeing information about Oshino Hakkai Springs in Japan.

Oshino Hakkai Springs (Oshino Hakkai)3.9

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Oshino Hakkai (literally means "eight seas of Oshino") , made up of eight spring water ponds that flowed from Mt. Fuji, is located in Oshino Village within the Fuji Five Lakes Region, Yamanashi Prefecture. It is said that there once was a great lake in this area but it was divided and drained by the eruptions of Mt. Fuji, leaving the springs among the basin. Among the eight ponds, Deguchi(Exit), Okama(Cauldron), Sokonashi(Bottomless), Choshi(Sake Decanter), Waku(Gushing), Nigori(Muddy), Kagami(Mirror) and Shobu(Iris) ponds, Waku-ike has the largest amount of spring water with a daily volume of 230,000 tons and is so clear that you can see the lava at the bottom. On the other hand, there are almost swamp-like muddy ponds such as Kagami-ike and Shobu-ike. The water quality of Waku-ike is characterized by a lot of mineral components such as calcium. You can't drink water directly from the pond but from the wells of shops and inns. Oshino Hakkai was designated as a Natural Monument in 1934, was ranked among the 100 best waters of Japan in 1985 and was designated as a World Heritage site in 2013 as a part of "Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration".

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5.0a year ago

I've been there now 10 times in the last 19 years. It is really good but right now it was just too crowded.with corona 19. I would leave going there until it is fine. Still, I love this spot. I've shown so many foreigners including my family a few days before getting married. Clear water. If you go all the way to see Mt Fuji, you have to go here.

5.0a year ago

This was a lovely and very walkable town. The springs are a irridescent blue and it was fun to see rainbow trout and other char in addition to the usual coy. Good variety of street food and street performers as well. Ample reasonably priced parking.

5.0a year ago

Great place to view Mt. Fuji, a cozy village with many beautiful lakes and rivers, some of the lakes have different features, such as the mirror lake, which you can see two Mt. Fuji in one scene. The water here is fresh and cool, the air is pretty chill as well. You can reach here by car, there's a big parking lot nearby.

5.05 months ago

Do you like the blue color of sky and water? This place makes me feel that the world is drawn on a huge blue canvas. And if you're lucky you get to see the mighty Fujisan in the background. Lovely!

Spend some time near the lakes and by the small stream which has really cold water flowing through.

5.0a year ago

Its an old place of ponds with crystally clean water. It looks like fishes are not swimming in them, but flying.
You can buy this clean water from Mt. Fuji, it tastes wonderful.
Also you can try traditional food which is cooked and served just near these ponds.
Highly recommended. Family friendly.

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