Miidera Temple / Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

Sightseeing information about Miidera Temple / Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture in Japan.

Miidera Temple (Onjoji Temple) / Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture3.2

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Onjo-ji Temple, or better known as Mii-dera (Temple of Three Wells), has a large site on the hill side of Mt. Nagara in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. This ancient temple, which was founded in the 7th century, is the head temple of the Tendaijimon Sect and is famous for the Ukiyo-e by Utagawa Hiroshige, "Mii no Bansho (THe Evening Bell at Miidera)". The temple also features a number of national treasures and important cultural properties including the Kon-do (Main Hall), the Kannon-do (Bodhisattva Hall), the Shaka-do (Shakyamuni Buddha Hall) and the Sho-ro (Bell Tower). About 1,000 cherry blossom trees are planted in the precincts and the view is amazing in the best season from early to mid-April with Somei Yoshino and wild cherry trees in full bloom. They are beautifully lit up at night and events such as the "Cherry Blossom Viewing at Night Concert" are held.

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4.02 years ago

A rather large temple complex which costs 600 yen to enter. Note that there is some light climbing up stairs if you are immobile but it's easy getting around this temple. Expect to spend around an hour here and there is also a treasure house so did not enter which costs 300 yen. No photos inside the temple buildings. Would look great in autumn and crowds smaller as it's not Kyoto

4.02 years ago

This is old temple or shrine, i think
U can go there easily by walking and enjoy the view of biwa canel ..
The shrine was beautiful and so many people come to do worship

Its a place that u should go

5.02 years ago

Great temple, one of the best I have been to on my many trips to Japan!

5.02 years ago

Amazing venue for night Sakura viewing. This is a great example of the history available in japan - Artifacts from the 13th century are available for viewing in the main temple building.

3.02 years ago

600 yen to get in. Not really worth it, the temple grounds are large with a historical important large bell. But nothing sets it apart

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