Ishiyama-dera Temple

Sightseeing information about Ishiyama-dera Temple in Japan.

Ishiyama-dera Temple4.2

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Ishiyama-dera Temple is famous as the place where Lady Murasaki wrote The Tale of Genji in the early 11th century. The main hall has a life-sized model of the author sitting at the table, and the attached museum shows beautiful illustrated books and scrolls of the novel on display.

Apart from the connection of Lady Murasaki, the temple has lots of delightful paths in its vast grounds and great views of Lake Biwa. Cherry blossoms in spring, fireworks in summer, and foliage colors in autumn are all fascinating. During the mid-autumn festival around a full-moon day, thousands of lantern are lit up along the walkways and staircases. It is worth a short train trip from Kyoto.

Purposecherry blossom viewing
Airport/Sta.Osaka International Airport (about 46.4km) Google Transit


5.04 weeks ago

A quiet & peaceful temple. Really worth to visit.

5.03 months ago

The temple has amazing plum tree gardens. Famous for Murasaki-shikibu. Lovely day-trip location from Kyoto.

5.010 months ago

It's a very beautiful and peaceful place. In maple season, not so many people come here. U will feel very comfortable to enjoy the fantastic view.

4.0a month ago

Very special and different experience

3.010 months ago

Just like another shrine, but this place is quite far from the train station so coming here in summer is a bad idea

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