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Sightseeing information about Ito Onsen in Japan.

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This onsen resort on the eastern coast of Izu Peninsula boasts the largest spring water volume in the Kanto region. More than 800 inns and hotels are available here, with a total capacity of 36,000 people, and you will find a fair share of amusement facilities and night-life areas. There are 10 public bathhouses, each in front with a statue from the Seven Lucky Gods, which are enshrined in a nearby shrine.

The resort is dotted with modern art monuments everywhere and you will notice them walking in the park and streets. Mount Omuro (581m) in a perfect round shape provides a scenic beauty, and a ropeway leads up to the top where there is a good walking trail. Another highlight is a cactus botanical garden which has 1500 different species and also displays capybaras, pelicans and other animals.

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