Fuji Kawaguchiko Hot Spring Resort

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Fuji Kawaguchiko Hot Spring Resort (Kawaguchi-ko Onsen)3.9

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Fuji Kawaguchiko Onsen is a hot spring resort area in Minamitsuru-gun County, Yamanashi Prefecture. There have been four hot springs around the Lake Kawaguchi-ko, i.e. Tensui-no-yu, Reisui-no-yu, Huyo-no-yu and Reiho-no-yu, along with the newly added hot spring, Shurei-no-yu. The five hot springs, each of them has a different quality of water, supply hot water to more than 20 onsen hotels/inns in this area. After enjoying water-skiing or bass-fishing in this popular resort area, you can take one of open-air baths with a view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi-ko, which is surrounded with cherry blossoms in spring, the lights of mountain huts in summer evenings, tinted leaves in autumn and snowy scenery in winter.
https://fujikawaguchiko.net/index.html (Japanese)

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