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Jozankei Hot Springs, developed by a monk Jozan Miizumi in the 19th century, is one of the most popular hot springs in Hokkaido prefecture. Located only 25km from central Sapporo, it is visited by approx millions of tourists per year.
From the modern accomodation along the Toyohira River valley, visitors will be treated to picturesque views during every season - fresh green leaves in the summer and tinted red leaves in the autumn are especially amazing.
The hot springs contain sodium chloride such that when you soak in it you find your body warming form the inside. There are 56 hot spring sources in the Jyozankei district, from which 8,600 liters of hot water at temperatures of 60 to 80°C surface each minute.
There are hot springs to soak your feet and hands in the town. At the Jozankei Gensen Park, along with a variety of foot and hand hot springs, there are hot springs which allows you to boil eggs (“Onsen Tamago Hot Springs”).
Shiraito Fall, Yunotaki Fall, the Pool of Maizuru (dancing cranes) and other sightseeing spots are easily accessed.
The Kappa Liner, a shuttle bus that departs from Sapporo Station, Odori, and Susukino, offers 13 daily shuttle services (reservation required).

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