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Akiu Onsen4.3

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Akiu Onsen, located on the upper stream of the Natori River, boast a long history dating from the 6th century. The clear spring water here has no noticeable odor and is said to be a curative for arthritis and muscle pains. The main attractions around this town include a gorge with carved-out rocks, a forest park with many pleasant trails and a museum dedicated to kaleidoscopes.

Purposeelderly,family,winter in Japan,hot springs,secret hot spring
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4.05 months ago

It is a good hot spring.

5.0a year ago

Extraordinary service. I forgot my kindle and they sent it to me. Nicest thing a hotel has done for me :)

5.0a year ago

An absolutely perfect Onsen resort. The service is second to none, the food and accommodations are fantastic. This was an amazing addition to our painfully short visit.

4.02 years ago

An optimal base for the variable outdoor activities such as cycling, walking, trekking, BBQ and so on.

5.02 years ago

Super little onsen town inside Sendai city limits.

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