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Inokashira Park4.2

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Inokashira Park was opened in 1917 as Japan's first suburban park.The park has four separate areas: the Inokashira Pond area, the Gotenyama hills with the Inokashira Park Zoo and a coppice, the Nishi-en west park with sports facilities including athletic and baseball fields and tennis courts, and the Daini-koen second park.
Inokashira Park is loved among locals for providing a luscious green space, with plenty of recreational facilities, a shrine, and a bucolic pond. Rental boats are available to ride on the pond. The park is home to about 500 blossoming cherry trees of Somei Yoshino, Yamazakura, and other varieties in spring, and the colorful foliage of Japanese maple, cherry, ginkgo, and zelkova trees in autumn. There is a coppice that retains vestiges of the Musashino forest of the past that attract many people all year round.
The Inokashira Pond was the source for the first water service, Kanda Josui, to Edo (present-day Tokyo), and its water is said to have been used for drinking water during the Edo period (1603-1868).
The Studio Ghibli museum is located in the park too. Reservations are required for entrance.

Access :
a 5-min walk from Kichijoji Sta. on Chuo Line or Keio-Inokahira Line

Purposecherry blossom viewing,autumn foliage,sightseeing
Airport/Sta.Inokashira-Kōen Sta. (about 600m) Google Transit


5.0in the last week

Great place to spend time with friends and family. The park looks more gorgeous during autumn( red leafs) and spring(cherry blossom) season. People can ride boat during any season, but boat rental time is until 4pm. Price is 700¥ per boat. Upto 3 people can seat on one boat. There are paddle boat though, I enjoyed rowing boat. In the park a number of people spend quality time with their pets too.

5.0a week ago

Serene. Peaceful. Just a few minutes from Kichijoji station. Calmness.

5.0in the last week

Right off the lively indie shopping street of Kichijoji, lies a huge park, iconic lake equipped with duck boats, temples, and public event stage. The park extends up until well heard Ghibli museum which you can observe from outside while jogging around Inokashira park.

5.0a month ago

One of the best park to go around in Tokyo, it would be more better during Sakura flower blooming time in March. You can watch Sakura around while you boat in the pond with your family or loved ones. I enjoyed a lot even it was alrdy dawn.

5.09 months ago

Arguably the best park in Tokyo, very well maintained. During weekend, the park is very happening with locals, within the park there are plenty of spot to hang around, relaxing with a cup of coffee. The busy walking street towards the train station has many to offer, worth to check out,

The park is connected to Ghibli’s museum, good to allow some time strolling while visiting the museum.

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