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World Heritage: Kamigamo Shrine4.6

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This shrine situated in the north of Kyoto, along the upstream of the Kamo River, dates from the 7th century and is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. It is dedicated to Raijin, the god of thunder, which is believed to have supernatural power to repel evils and disasters. Together with Shimogamo Shrine located around 3km downstream, this was originally erected for protection of the Kamo clan. Both shrines celebrate the famous Aoi Festival in May.

The two conical white-sand mounds in front of Hosodono hall symbolizes the sacred mountains where gods ascended in the beginning of times, and are considered the origin of Shinto practice of ritual purification with salt. In the precincts runs two streams that evoke a good old Japan.

If you want to walk 2.5km from Kita-oji Station, follow the Nakaragi Path alogside Kyoto Botanical Gardens for a pleasant stroll. During the cherry blossom season, you will walk through a 800m-long tunnel of the pink flowery tunnel. Don't forget to purchase yaki-mochi (grilled mochi rice cake) in front of the shrine.

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5.08 months ago

2020 is the "Year of the Rat", Large Ema at Various Shrines in Kyoto.
Rat is the first in the 12-year-cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. People born in the year of rat are generally born with the zodiac rat characteristics. They are believed to be very industrious and thrifty, diligent and positive. They love to enshrine and collect. They have a keen intuition and can foretell the danger. They can deal with the money carefully and have a good financial luck.

5.09 months ago

Amazing place to enjoy the beautiful maple in the morning!
And I highly recommend the special tasty Ko-yama Yusui Coffee which freshly brewed with Ko-yama Spring Water.

4.07 months ago

Nice shrine with a short bush walk. To boot there is a white horse that brings you luck. At new year's Hotsumode they take the white horse for a stroll to the temple prior to blessings. Worth the trip out there!

4.08 months ago

Visited on Jan 2nd and was surprised there was almost no line! Possibly because it was far away. It gets four stars for lack of buses that connect. But we made it. Not much food in the area either. But as for the shrine, great. This is an Ichinomiya shrine, along with Shimogamo. Both have beautiful grounds. I especially liked that this one was associated with Eto, or Zodiac animals. Instead of a normal shrine to pray at you should enter the main temple area find your Eto Chinese character for your birth year and pray only there. It made the hatsumode line very fast! And the charms are also all zodiac themed. Wonderful shrine.

5.0a year ago

If you like themed mamori and you like horses you'll like this shrine. Plenty of wide open space because this is in the middle of the countryside. Don't come expecting any horse themed food though! I definitely didn't do that... at all... nope.

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It is a little bit far although within Kyoto City. But along with Shimos Shrine worth visiting.

It is a little bit far although within Kyoto City. But along with Shimos Shrine worth visiting.

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