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World Heritage: Kamigamo Shrine4.6

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This shrine situated in the north of Kyoto, along the upstream of the Kamo River, dates from the 7th century and is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. It is dedicated to Raijin, the god of thunder, which is believed to have supernatural power to repel evils and disasters. Together with Shimogamo Shrine located around 3km downstream, this was originally erected for protection of the Kamo clan. Both shrines celebrate the famous Aoi Festival in May.

The two conical white-sand mounds in front of Hosodono hall symbolizes the sacred mountains where gods ascended in the beginning of times, and are considered the origin of Shinto practice of ritual purification with salt. In the precincts runs two streams that evoke a good old Japan.

If you want to walk 2.5km from Kita-oji Station, follow the Nakaragi Path alogside Kyoto Botanical Gardens for a pleasant stroll. During the cherry blossom season, you will walk through a 800m-long tunnel of the pink flowery tunnel. Don't forget to purchase yaki-mochi (grilled mochi rice cake) in front of the shrine.

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5.04 weeks ago

If you like themed mamori and you like horses you'll like this shrine. Plenty of wide open space because this is in the middle of the countryside. Don't come expecting any horse themed food though! I definitely didn't do that... at all... nope.

4.0a week ago

A bit away from center, but the environment and craft market was worth the effort to get there !

5.05 months ago

It’s a very peaceful Shinto shrine with tiny white rocks layering most of its paths. Most tourists won’t go here. There’s a small stream running across the area, making lovely sounds and its tranquil. People are really kind. We really feel the essence of Japanese culture here.

5.0a month ago

This temple is a very old one and belongs to the Unesco heritage list. Unlike buddhist temple where a huge sanmon wooden gate always exists, Kamigamo jinja has a big vermillion torii gate. The Deities live in the nature, that is why there are not many big building here. The temple ground is surrounded by forest with huge tall trees. Unless one understand the concept of shinto shrine, one will think this temple has no artistic value. I found it means a lot to study my destination in detail to understand what I see.

5.02 months ago

I visited here on 16th Jan 2019 to see “Musha Sinji”, one of ceremonies in winter.
Kamigamo shrine is one of the oldest shrine in Kyoto and has divine beauty and dignity.
The river flows throughout the precinct, which can make us feel refreshing.

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It is a little bit far although within Kyoto City. But along with Shimos Shrine worth visiting.

It is a little bit far although within Kyoto City. But along with Shimos Shrine worth visiting.

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