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World Heritage: Enryakuji Temple4.5

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In the mountain range to the east of Kyoto, the vast compound of Enryakuji Tmeple spread on the slopes of Mount Hieizan (848m). The temple was founded in the 8th century by Saicho and is the headquarters of the Tendai school of Buddhism he established. In the history of Japanese Buddhism, this place served as the most important monasteries where, later years, many high-ranking priests studied here to create new religious movements.

You will find getting there is half the delight, with the cablecar from Sakamoto Station offering superb views of Lake Biwa and green woodland. The complex are divided into three major areas - Todo (east area), Saito (west area) and Yokawa. Todo has the Main Hall (Kompon Chudo), the huge subsided prayer area, where you will definitely feel the sacred and serene atmosphere. A several kilometers of walk in the forest takes you to the Yokawa precinct.

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4.0a week ago

A nice escape from the city. A collection of temples in three sites on the mountains close to Kyoto. Quiet and cool, nice walks. There are buses between the three major sites, if you don't want to walk (as far as I understood, these do not run year-round).

4.0in the last week

Although the temple is a world cultural heritage site, as of October 2018, it is under renovation for its main temple, Konpon Chu-do; thus, visitors may not see much for historical part of the temple.

Like Miidera Temple, Enryakuji temple has good view of Biwako lake.

Because both shuttle bus and Fuku cable car service to the temple site end at about 0530pm, depending on season. It is better for tourists to plan morning or lunch visit time. Round-trip cable car service is operated every 30 minutes and crowded in weekend or holiday, and it costs 1,620 yen per adult.

Foreign visitors can take Keihan train service to Otsu and change Keihan Enryakuji line, walk about 10 minutes and then take cable car service to the temple.

Temple itself does offer English brochure, but no foreign language service for cable car or shuttle bus.

5.05 months ago

Was there in early Nov... some rain before I got there... really pleasant and enjoyable walk in the mist of the typical Japanese cultural temple... wonderful experience...

5.0a month ago

This is the name for the main monastery of tiantai tradition to develop in Japan, originated from China.

In one of the main temples, they kept the lamp burning already over thousand of years.

Has clear educational system for those who would dedicate themselves to Buddhism and this tradition.

The theoretical part learning and practice are all maintained from the very beginning.

Tantric session is also very important to Japanese Buddhism. Although tiantai tradition per se shall be a sect without too much tantric content, but the founder saw the tantric Buddhism was popular at that time, so he also made effort to introduce it into its own tradition.

4.0a month ago

Good food with friendly service. Worth paying a visit if around the area..

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i can guide this place!!

i can guide this place!!

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