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World Heritage: Enryakuji Temple4.5

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In the mountain range to the east of Kyoto, the vast compound of Enryakuji Tmeple spread on the slopes of Mount Hieizan (848m). The temple was founded in the 8th century by Saicho and is the headquarters of the Tendai school of Buddhism he established. In the history of Japanese Buddhism, this place served as the most important monasteries where, later years, many high-ranking priests studied here to create new religious movements.

You will find getting there is half the delight, with the cablecar from Sakamoto Station offering superb views of Lake Biwa and green woodland. The complex are divided into three major areas - Todo (east area), Saito (west area) and Yokawa. Todo has the Main Hall (Kompon Chudo), the huge subsided prayer area, where you will definitely feel the sacred and serene atmosphere. A several kilometers of walk in the forest takes you to the Yokawa precinct.

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4.08 months ago

Extensive temple complex. Main temple was being renovated however this didn’t detract from the overall experience as there is plenty of other buildings to explore... food at the entrance cafe was good too

5.0a year ago

The temple is going through a massive restoration. It has been completely enclosed in a steel framed building but you are able to tour the temple. Just remember to take off your shoes when you see the posted signs. Pictures are only allowed on the stage area outside the temple bit inside the steel building.

5.0a month ago

Sightseeing and gentle hinking

5.07 months ago

Very well preserved Japanase Buddhist temple. Definitely worth visit.

5.0a year ago

Beautiful monastery complex in the mountain. Well presented with a lot of information in English. Take your time, enjoy the mountain hike and explore all the different site.

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i can guide this place!!

i can guide this place!!

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