Ujigami Shrine

Sightseeing information about Ujigami Shrine in Japan.

World Heritage: Ujigami Shrine4.0

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This old shrine stands in quietude near the Uji River and is considered a guardian shrine of the nearby Byodoin Temple. The main hall has a curved asymmetrical roof extending more on one side, a typical architectural style commonly seen in Shinto shrines. It is listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kyoto.

Purposeworld heritage,sightseeing
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5.04 months ago

Really lovely temple set in a small forest. All you hear is nature. Hardly any tourists here too, so you can enjoy this place in peace.

4.05 months ago

Oldest Shinto shrine has magic sand to help purify your home. It's surrounded by a beautiful natural scene, and it is nearby to byoudoin and the genji museum (which has an interesting puppet surprise). Thumbs up.

4.05 months ago

This is the hidden world heritage. Not crowded at all, but definately one of the best shrine. They are the oldest shrine structure in Japan. Their structure is really beauriful.

4.0a month ago

Walk around the river and bridge is nice

4.05 months ago

A peaceful shrine with very few people here.

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