Ujigami Shrine

Sightseeing information about Ujigami Shrine in Japan.

World Heritage: Ujigami Shrine4.0

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This old shrine stands in quietude near the Uji River and is considered a guardian shrine of the nearby Byodoin Temple. The main hall has a curved asymmetrical roof extending more on one side, a typical architectural style commonly seen in Shinto shrines. It is listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kyoto.

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5.07 months ago

This shrine represents everything beautiful about the Japanese aesthetic. Simple, pure and inspiring. As uplifting as a cathedral, but tucked into a rock garden, surrounded by Japanese maples and a stream

5.04 months ago

Quite small but very peaceful shrine.

3.08 months ago

Small and a bit underwhelming. But the rabbit is kinda cute. If you want merchandise, they have cute rabbit charms here.

4.09 months ago

It's a really small complex, and although it consists of some UNESCO World Heritage-recognised buildings, it wasn't particularly interesting unless you really enjoy and appreciate the difference in architecture from the different style between all the periods of Japan. Then again, the place is free to visit for all, and is not too far away from another World Heritage Site, Byodoin, so go ahead and check out this shrine, which is designated as the guardian shrine of Byodoin.

5.06 months ago

SO COOL(*゚▽゚*)

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