Kozanji Temple

Sightseeing information about Kozanji Temple in Japan.

World Heritage: Kozanji Temple4.0

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This temple in the northern mountains of Kyoto has what is claimed Japan's first manga, a hand-painted caricature depicting birds and animals in a scroll. The temple is reached by a sloping approach lined with soaring trees. This area is a wonderful retreat in summer and offers a great view of autumn colors. There are many hiking trails to explore.

Purposeworld heritage,sightseeing
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1.07 months ago

Be careful!
You will have to pay twice!
500 yens for the entrance in the park, 800 yens more for the house with the view and the statue.
It's not well indicated.

3.06 months ago

The temple got serious damages from a huge typhoon. The trees were gone. I guess they are trying their best to fix it. However, to be honest, if you are here for autumn foliage like me, you will be disappointed. We enjoyed the walk along hozu river though.

5.0a year ago

The bell had a beautiful tone and walk across the river was stunning.

5.0a year ago

Lovely place is like going back in time👍

4.0a year ago

Small temple famous for the first manga displayed in Japan! The brochure will explain everything but unfortunately it is in Japanese. I guess the story would be interesting but I can't understand anything but look at the pictures.

There is a tea room for guests to experience tea but the price is 600 yen per person (temple entrance ticket is 800 yen). I really enjoy the way leads to the temple, very peaceful and quiet!

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