Kokedera Temple

Sightseeing information about Kokedera Temple in Japan.

World Heritage: Kokedera Temple (Moss Temple)4.6

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This zen temple, listed as one of Kyoto's Unesco World Heritage Sites, is well known for fantastical cultivation of mosses everywhere in its vast garden. There are estimated 120 different varieties of mosses and you can enjoy a free stroll in this mesmerizing carpet of moss green. The best season is a rainy season in June but the contrast with red foliage in autumn and white snow in winter is also beautiful.

Reservation is required at least two weeks in advance of your trip and the concierge desk at most hotels can handle the procedure for you. The temple sits on a quiet hill on the western fringes of Kyoto and reached by one-hour bus ride. The calligraphy of Buddhist sutra is included in the temple tour.

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4.06 months ago

Unique place to see so much moss and to take part in calligraphy. You can enjoy a quiet stroll around the garden since the entry is timed and limited.

Overall, it's nice if you're planning to be in the area but otherwise it's far from the centre and quite expensive for what you get. Kyoto has many, many beautiful temples that this must compete with.

5.09 months ago

the monks were wonderful - courteous and very considerate of an "old" lady - from excusing her before her sutra was completely copied to telling her to take her time in the moss garden. The visitors were courteous also - quiet, considerate of photographers, enjoying the gardens. A fabulous experience of Japanese culture and gardens.

5.0a year ago

The experience was amazing, we where given a sutra to copy, it was a very relaxing moment. If you are coming here be prepared to sit around for 1 hour and do some sort of meditation, don't be rude and leave before finishing just because you didn't know what you where getting yourself into. It is distracting for the others. Don
The price is a bit high, 3000 yen, but overall I think it was worth it. You have to make a reservation via letter, so prepare before time, see their website for details.
After the meditation you are left to visit the beautiful surrounding moss garden.

5.0a year ago

Really a fantastic experience to listen Buddha chanting in Japanese & giving us a blessing board to write down our wishes! Highlight will be to visit the moss garden. They gave plenty of time to walk around the garden to enjoy the environment & taking photo! Love such pre-booking arrangement, which won’t be so crowded so that to ruin such peaceful environment 😍

5.0a year ago

Although the process to enter takes some time, it is nice that the garden is not crowded like many other tourist spots. Very beautiful place.

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