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Sightseeing information about Kokedera Temple in Japan.

World Heritage: Kokedera Temple (Moss Temple)4.6

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This zen temple, listed as one of Kyoto's Unesco World Heritage Sites, is well known for fantastical cultivation of mosses everywhere in its vast garden. There are estimated 120 different varieties of mosses and you can enjoy a free stroll in this mesmerizing carpet of moss green. The best season is a rainy season in June but the contrast with red foliage in autumn and white snow in winter is also beautiful.

Reservation is required at least two weeks in advance of your trip and the concierge desk at most hotels can handle the procedure for you. The temple sits on a quiet hill on the western fringes of Kyoto and reached by one-hour bus ride. The calligraphy of Buddhist sutra is included in the temple tour.

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5.02 months ago

It was my dream to come here. Before coming you have to send a special letter - all is explained on the temple's website in both Japanese and English. On the day of the visit you have to arrive on time. The group of visitor of the day are taken to the temple hall. Where there was a short lecture, a sutra chant that you could join in and writing on plaques for intentions. Then the tour of the moss garden started which is an amazing place. The temple grounds are amazing. The monks and what I think were secular attendants was really friendly. I really recommend coming. From outside Japan it is worth to send the letter a few months in advance. Thanks to that I had no problem with getting in.

1.0in the last week

Monk was rude, arrogant and dismissive when I spoke with him over the phone as I tried my best to converse in japanese. As they totally do not speak english, I suggest either preparing google translate beforehand or have japanese-fluent person nearby when calling or speaking to them.

5.04 months ago

Although the process to enter takes some time, it is nice that the garden is not crowded like many other tourist spots. Very beautiful place.

5.07 months ago

The experience was amazing, we where given a sutra to copy, it was a very relaxing moment. If you are coming here be prepared to sit around for 1 hour and do some sort of meditation, don't be rude and leave before finishing just because you didn't know what you where getting yourself into. It is distracting for the others. Don
The price is a bit high, 3000 yen, but overall I think it was worth it. You have to make a reservation via letter, so prepare before time, see their website for details.
After the meditation you are left to visit the beautiful surrounding moss garden.

5.04 months ago

I didn’t make reservation so I couldn’t go in but this temple is definitely for anyone who want real authentic zen experience and not tourists’ trap

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