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World Heritage: Nishi Honganji Temple4.3

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Nishi Honganji Temple was erected in the late 16th century by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who unified the country, and features some of the finest architectures from the sumptuous Momoyama period. The dazzling Karamon Gate has colorful ornamental carvings, and the majestic Goeido Hall is dedicated to Shinran, the founder of a sect the temple belongs to. You will be greeted with the 400-year-old, huge gingko trees at the entrance area.

As this is the head temple of a Buddhist sect that has over 10,000 subtemples across the country, you will see more of worshippers than sightseers in the compound. It has a serene atmosphere and you will walk in socked feet on tatami mats in the buildings. Admission is free and photography is allowed. It is a 15-minute walk from Kyoto Station.

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5.03 months ago

This is supposed to be the largest wooden temple complex based on our guide. Its size is stunning. And it's just as beautiful.
Thanks to having a guide we were able to see the interior and the gongs that were there. Its picturesque starting right from the ornate entrance.
We went here again after going for a kimono dressing to take pictures.

1.0a month ago

Among many temples we visited in Kyoto, we met the rudest old lady employee in this temple, inside of the tea house near the east entrance. When I travel in Japan, I try to speak Japanese (not an expert, but still can speak basic ones) in order to show respect instead of just speaking English as much as possible.

However, the old lady, one of the employees in the tea house, showed such a condescending manner against people who do not natively speak Japanese, so I really felt bad about it.

e.g. When I said 'すみません (I am sorry)' in Japanese because I was trying to get a cup of tea, she was repetitively saying 'Nani?' in response, almost too blatantly with hatred in her expression. I first thought she had an hearing issue, but soon learned that she speaks fine with other Japanese people, and she only does that when foreigner attempts to interact with her, even when they speak in Japanese.

Well, this was the only bad experience that we had in our a week long trip in Osaka.

5.04 months ago

A gorgeous testament to Japan's majesty. The grounds were kept immaculate, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

1.03 months ago

You cannot go near the pond which looks nice on the pictures. Don't waste time coming here. Temple is nothing special.

3.06 months ago

No 御朱印? Well OK then. Pretty disappointing experience, everything interesting under renovation and no seal. Cool but definitely not a good time to go.

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Nishi Honganji or West Main Grand Temple has been desgnated as World Heritage Site and attract many turists since it is very near from Kyoto Station.

Nishi Honganji or West Main Grand Temple has been desgnated as World Heritage Site and attract many turists since it is very near from Kyoto Station.

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