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Tokyo Joypolis4.1

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This indoor amusement park occupying the 3rd-5th floors of the Decks Tokyo building in Odaiba is packed with Sega's virtual-reality attractions. There are over twenty attractions that, with an aid of high-tech 3D video screens, headphones and realistic movement of riding machines, provide a feel of roller coasters combined with haunted houses, treasure hunting or racing competition.

The most popular are Half Pipe Tokyo, a spinning battle with realistic blasts, and Storm-G where a futuristic slay rotates 360 degrees in all directions while racing in a loop. Those who like horror and scream should try Veil of Dark, a high-speed ride exploring the ruins of a bioengineering institute. There are a few ‘non-virtual’ highlights such as the Spin Bullet roller coaster.

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4.02 months ago

Great place! I’ve had so much fun at joyopolis, the games are and rides are amazing, easily better than most I’ve had in America. My one gripe is that since I’m a little big and tall 6 feet and I’ve had a hard time in some rides like the half-pipe. But if you’re chubby or smaller you shouldn’t have a problem.

5.03 weeks ago

The kids loved it! Joypolis is like a huge 3 floor indoor amusement arcade with some VR rides and even a roller coaster. The passport is worth it for kids, adults might be better off doing pay-to-play with a 500 admission fee.

1.0a month ago

Lines are ridiculously long, even on a weekday so expect to wait in line for 60-90 minutes or more for a one minute long, underwhelming ride.
We bought the all you can ride passport and didn't break even because we only had time to ride 3 rides although we arrived 5 hours before closing.

Also if you weigh more than about 200-250 pounds, you will not be able to ride anything that requires a safety harness. We waited in line for over an hour for one ride before being turned away because the safety harness wouldn't latch enough for their liking.

I am incredibly underwhelmed and wish I hadn't wasted a day here.

2.03 months ago

The staff were pretty polite but the wait was so long! It was like a mini Disney park line. And the rides weren't even that impressive except the coaster and the half pipe. The airplane ride line was so long and NOT worth it. I got a headache because the ride kept moving up and down and hitting my head. I would say that tickets are way too overpriced. The graphics are honestly not that good. I would say you should just go to Disney and save your money.

5.02 months ago

Joypolis was a really fun experience and I recommend checking this place out if you like really immersive games. A good number of games require absolutely zero comprehension of Japanese to play and enjoy. These games were in the first and second floor. On the third floor, the attractions require a good amount of Japanese to understand what's going on as the scavenger hunt uses Japanese text as does the Phoenix Wright game. Food at the dining area aren't too pricey and every single person we ran into was extremely hospitable and sweet. I do recommend trying to communicate as much as you can in Japanese if you could as even though the rides and games have English signs and pamphlets, the attendants struggle with English, especially when it comes to explaining the safety requirements of the ride. If you don't know how to agree in Japanese after they give you the pamphlet to read, the "OK" sign, a thumbs up, or even just saying "Wakarimasu" gets the message across loud and clear.

I really enjoyed my time here and, would def go back again once I learn better Japanese to really enjoy the top floor attractions.

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