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Tokyo Joypolis4.1

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This indoor amusement park occupying the 3rd-5th floors of the Decks Tokyo building in Odaiba is packed with Sega's virtual-reality attractions. There are over twenty attractions that, with an aid of high-tech 3D video screens, headphones and realistic movement of riding machines, provide a feel of roller coasters combined with haunted houses, treasure hunting or racing competition.

The most popular are Half Pipe Tokyo, a spinning battle with realistic blasts, and Storm-G where a futuristic slay rotates 360 degrees in all directions while racing in a loop. Those who like horror and scream should try Veil of Dark, a high-speed ride exploring the ruins of a bioengineering institute. There are a few ‘non-virtual’ highlights such as the Spin Bullet roller coaster.

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5.0a month ago

Fun rides in there, I do recommend the passport pass as it will cost more if you plan to do more than 4 rides. Some were scary and some were easy. Don’t expect to have big rides because it’s about games, so you technically are playing games with a twist. I highly recommend the tower tag and transformers one.

5.0a month ago

The Tokyo joypolis was great, we go there early and went on all the cool rides almost without standing in the lines. The 4,000yen pass is recommended if you plan on staying there for most of the day. If you don't have much time I would recommend getting the regular pass and then purchase tickets per ride. Great place for rainy days.

4.02 months ago

Sega Joypolis is a very small amusement park inside a mall. Expect to spend less than 2 hours here. I would only recommend it as a side trip out of curiosity and not worth a day trip. This little park is geared towards dating and couples, not for friends or groups, which I think messes it up a lot. As I went with my wife, I knew what to expect.

About the rides and what is inside. They are small rides and nothing huge. "Fun" here is what you make of it. I had a blast, because I wanted to have a blast and didn't expect a 5 star Disney land. Don't go in disappointing yourself for no reason.

The transformers ride and the zombie shooting game is fun, most of the rides are motion, so if you get motion sick easily, this park isn't for you. I didn't last very long myself. They are old rides, but were innovating back in the day. But other rides are just simple, you sit in a seat and there is a screen in front of you, that sums up 75% of the rides.

The staff are good, they do their best to get into the role, I don't know what people can say it was slow or bad, busy is busy, I went on an off day, be smart. Food is terrible, but what do you expect? Eat at the restaurants nearby the malls.

4.0in the last week

Fun place for the family. Be careful if you get motion sickness easily. The VR games are good but there's Transformers ride that flips and spins you about a dozen times.

4.02 months ago

Go after 17:00 on a weekday. It's less crowded, cheaper passes, and easier to get into rides!

It'd be nice if they added a 'digital waiting line' though, so you can play machines until you are called to get into a ride. I think that would make it perfect

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