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Tokyo Joypolis4.1

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This indoor amusement park occupying the 3rd-5th floors of the Decks Tokyo building in Odaiba is packed with Sega's virtual-reality attractions. There are over twenty attractions that, with an aid of high-tech 3D video screens, headphones and realistic movement of riding machines, provide a feel of roller coasters combined with haunted houses, treasure hunting or racing competition.

The most popular are Half Pipe Tokyo, a spinning battle with realistic blasts, and Storm-G where a futuristic slay rotates 360 degrees in all directions while racing in a loop. Those who like horror and scream should try Veil of Dark, a high-speed ride exploring the ruins of a bioengineering institute. There are a few ‘non-virtual’ highlights such as the Spin Bullet roller coaster.

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4.03 weeks ago

Honestly, we didn't expect to enjoy it as much as we did. Some decent rides that had very attentive staff that made sure we understood how to play or enjoy as foreigners. It's basically an arcade with some rides and interactive rides which makes them more enjoyable. You will need some Japanese for a few rides. I suggest buying an admission ticket and choosing rides to play when you like the look of them. Which you can do through the many machines in this small theme park. Great for nostalgia, a nice few hours to enjoy on a rainy day.

4.0a month ago

A great place to have some fun with a partner or friends. The rides were entertaining, though for whatever reason I was getting motion sickness from the (Wild Brothers?) ride, and I don't normally get motion sick.

The staff are all very friendly, but as an ignorant American tourist that doesn't speak any Japanese, there were a few rides I couldn't do. (Mainly because they were conversational in entertainment or required responses and comprehension in Japanese)

All in all, I would still recommend this place to anyone wanting to pass some time, play some arcades, or ride some creative rides.

5.02 months ago

Insanely great fun! You can easily spend an entire day here, and come back for more, without getting bored. So many rides and entertainment options! Even if you don't speak Japanese, it doesn't matter. Some rides/experiences won't "work" as they require understanding of the story. But they clearly identify these in the guide. And it's only 2-3 anyway! My friend and I spent about 7 hours here and still didn't try everything we could. Some lines are 40-50 minutes long, but they feel like they move quickly so it could be an over-estimation? Anyway... I already want to go back! Definitely recommend!

5.0in the last week

We decided to do the night passport ticket which is a discount entry after 5pm for around ¥3500 (bring a valid international passport to get a further discount.) Because we visited during the weekday (Tuesday night) barely any lines and minimal wait. This place is definitely worth a visit when in Odaiba!

5.0in the last week

Visited on birthday so it was free. Had so much fun not all of the rides are that great some of them you are just put in front of a screen and the car just wobbles a bit but others are really fun.
It also has UFO catchers and carnival games.
It is expensive if you buy a full ticket but I believe you get a discount if you are a foreigner so bring your passport. Definitely go for a birthday

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