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Tokyo Joypolis4.1

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This indoor amusement park occupying the 3rd-5th floors of the Decks Tokyo building in Odaiba is packed with Sega's virtual-reality attractions. There are over twenty attractions that, with an aid of high-tech 3D video screens, headphones and realistic movement of riding machines, provide a feel of roller coasters combined with haunted houses, treasure hunting or racing competition.

The most popular are Half Pipe Tokyo, a spinning battle with realistic blasts, and Storm-G where a futuristic slay rotates 360 degrees in all directions while racing in a loop. Those who like horror and scream should try Veil of Dark, a high-speed ride exploring the ruins of a bioengineering institute. There are a few ‘non-virtual’ highlights such as the Spin Bullet roller coaster.

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4.0a month ago

Lots of fun, video games, but mainly interactive experiences, we went on the ring (from the film, where saduku will come for you) a zombie safari. Gift shop, it's ran by Sega. Some free things too once your in

4.03 months ago

So much fun! The roller-coaster is great as is every other interactive machine. Highly recommend

5.02 months ago

When you have kids, this is the perfect place convenient to travel to! A giant arcade for all ages

4.07 months ago

It’s fun but set expectations low to avoid disappointment. There are a bunch of Japanese language only attractions but we still enjoyed them. The 3D sound attraction wasn’t in English but it was maybe the best one. Skip spicy taxi it takes too long to get going and is average. The roller coaster is bizarre and fun, the searching game was too hard but a lot of the horror stuff was good, including the 3D movie. Overall good experience if you want a bizarre japan theme park half-full day. We probably got through half the rides in a half day but could give or take the rest

5.06 months ago

Definitely come here to play the games but don’t get to involved into the crane games because they are almost (almost) impossible, but give it a shot and try your luck! Fantastic place for children 8 and above over the height of 140cm

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