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Sightseeing information about Sunshine City in Japan.

Sunshine City4.1

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Sunshine City is a microcity complex centered on the 240m-high Sunshine 60 skyscraper, the landmark of Ikebukuro. Attractions include Sunshine Aquarium, Japan's first roof-top aquarium themed on 'oasis of the sky', Namuko Namja Town, the largest in-building theme park in the country, and the Manten planetarium with star-sprinkled images.

When night approaches, the observation deck at 251m offers a romantic, panoramic view of Tokyo with sunset colors and illumination. This is a place you can enjoy fashion and gourmet experience with your family - children, adults and couples alike. One day is not enough to poke through all the fun facilities.

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5.03 months ago

We visited J-World inside Sunshine City for One Piece. As a fan I super enjoyed the venue of course, although it is a bit for the young fellas. Staff are cute and friendly, and my favorite part of the trip are the anime-themed foods, which also tastes good.

4.05 months ago

VR always makes me feel wonky, but I did the reverse bungy and enjoyed it. Great views, and fun stuff which will hold the family's interest for an hour or two. Restaurants on level 59 were too pricey for us, but there are many more reasonable options on level 1 or on the streets between here and the station.

5.03 months ago

Its a mall but what i love on this mall.was the JWorld which is located inside. Youll be amazed once you get inside, lots of anime theme activity!

4.05 months ago

Shopping mall with aquarium. Pokémon store snoopy store. Great location where u can drop your kids off and go shopping near by

5.05 months ago

Great mall with something for everyone. Shopping for everything, endless of restaurants and cafés, entertainment in form of VR gaming arcades, aquarium, cinema... You can spend days in there.

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