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Sightseeing information about Sunshine City in Japan.

Sunshine City4.1

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Sunshine City is a microcity complex centered on the 240m-high Sunshine 60 skyscraper, the landmark of Ikebukuro. Attractions include Sunshine Aquarium, Japan's first roof-top aquarium themed on 'oasis of the sky', Namuko Namja Town, the largest in-building theme park in the country, and the Manten planetarium with star-sprinkled images.

When night approaches, the observation deck at 251m offers a romantic, panoramic view of Tokyo with sunset colors and illumination. This is a place you can enjoy fashion and gourmet experience with your family - children, adults and couples alike. One day is not enough to poke through all the fun facilities.

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4.0a month ago

Sunshine city has to be one of my favorite shopping malls because of its sheer size and diversity in stores and restaurants. This shopping mall is also worth your attention because of the aquarium / zoo at the top and also its cute museum. Check it out! You can really spend a nice afternoon here shopping and later on in the arcades right across the street

3.0in the last week

Not sure why this shopping centre is recommended so much for tourists. If you don't have children, this place is pretty boring. It's fine but nothing special.

4.04 months ago

This was a pretty neat mall. I was impressed at how open and clean it it was. There were lots of different kinds of shops and restaurants as well as nice sitting areas. We stumbled across a water fountain show going on a few floors down. It was a giant screen show different nature pictures with music playing nearby. Water would shoot up from the bottom at different intensities timed to the music. It was pretty neat.

5.0a month ago

A great place to spend the day! They have an aquarium, a planetarium and a observatory, the sky circus. If you’re going to the observatory get the VR option on your ticket. There is a ton of shops and restaurants.

2.0a month ago

Generic shopping centre. A decent range of shops and some extras thrown in but I can hardly recommend going unless you have a particular purpose or something you need to buy.

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