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Sightseeing information about Sunshine City in Japan.

Sunshine City4.1

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Sunshine City is a microcity complex centered on the 240m-high Sunshine 60 skyscraper, the landmark of Ikebukuro. Attractions include Sunshine Aquarium, Japan's first roof-top aquarium themed on 'oasis of the sky', Namuko Namja Town, the largest in-building theme park in the country, and the Manten planetarium with star-sprinkled images.

When night approaches, the observation deck at 251m offers a romantic, panoramic view of Tokyo with sunset colors and illumination. This is a place you can enjoy fashion and gourmet experience with your family - children, adults and couples alike. One day is not enough to poke through all the fun facilities.

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3.03 weeks ago

A family friendly shopping mall. Kids can be entertained at Pokemon shop, and other kids friendly gaming centre, etc.

4.03 months ago

Decent shopping center with wide selection of stores. Would be great if they could mark the exits better. Cool fountain with pretty shows.

4.03 months ago

Love ds shopping mall. Its been a long time I'd visit again. Memorable .relaxing cozy place😍❤🍴👚👠👙👢👜💄

4.07 months ago

The place is clean like any other Japanese hotel. My room was pretty tiny but comfortable. There's a coffee maker, refrigerator, TV, hairdryer, etc. There's also a Family Mart convenient store. You can eat at the store, don't need to eat in the room. Then there's the giant mall attached to the hotel. You can pretty much stayed indoor

3.03 months ago

The aquarium was okay. It's too far from Ikebukuro station. They have so many shops, at least one of which you will like

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