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There are over 2,466,000 enshrined kami (deities) listed in the Yasukuni's Symbolic Registry of Divinities. This list includes soldiers, as well as women and students who were involved in relief operations in the battlefield or worked in factories for the war effort.Enshrinement is not exclusive to people of Japanese descent. Yasukuni Shrine has enshrined 27,863 Taiwanese and 21,181 Koreans without consultation of surviving family members and in some cases against the stated wishes of the family members. Many more kami are enshrined at Chinreisha.

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5.03 weeks ago

A great Experience. Truly a place to visit and endure the traditional culture. You can even watch traditional Japanese shows and a WW2 museum. There is a special prayer for about the 40 min dedicated to the Martyrs.

5.0a month ago

At the centre of modern Japan, Yasukuni is as controversial as it is fascinating. Take your time to look at the people as much as the structures. You’ll need a couple of hours to absorb the atmosphere. Try the yakisoba on the way out. And don’t miss the War Museum that somehow makes Japan a victim of the Pacific War.

5.03 weeks ago

If you’re interested in history and culture, Yasukuni is a must visit. It’s a shrine to Japanese war dead, including those convicted of war crimes, meaning that it also attracts a great deal of controversy. The attached museum tells the history of conflicts from a particularly Japanese point of view. If you can leave your preconceptions at the door, it’s a fascinating insight to the traditional Japanese world view.

5.0in the last week

WW2 nerds beware: you CANNOT take pictures of the shrine. Don't even think about it, a guard will come right at you with a frowny face. You got to respect the place. However, feel free to enjoy the museum where you will find a real ZERO fighter plane and plenty of Japanese WW2 artifact such as type 97 tankette and a OKA flying torpedo.

4.05 months ago

Very beautiful and peaceful place. They were doing construction before an event so there was scaffolding, but even that was pretty. Inside the museum is a nice gift shop and a pretty public toilet. Quick note, if you want to take a photo of the shrine, take it from the side near the gravel (or the guard will politely remind you).

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