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There are over 2,466,000 enshrined kami (deities) listed in the Yasukuni's Symbolic Registry of Divinities. This list includes soldiers, as well as women and students who were involved in relief operations in the battlefield or worked in factories for the war effort.Enshrinement is not exclusive to people of Japanese descent. Yasukuni Shrine has enshrined 27,863 Taiwanese and 21,181 Koreans without consultation of surviving family members and in some cases against the stated wishes of the family members. Many more kami are enshrined at Chinreisha.

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1.0a week ago

When I first seen the name of the tourist attraction, I knew this isn't the place for me. History is history, it already happened, nobody would be able to change it. Hope that some Japanese nationalists could see the truth. I wouldn't go into this site until they accept the truth and apologies to us. Not only to China, but all the countries they've invaded, all the peoples and their families. Then no one would doubt about the history.
But I announce that I have no wish to attack anyone, just to speak out my opinion in the views of Chinese people. If you don't agree to my comment, don' t mind me.讲真的,中国人给五星或去那里的国人都他妈没有脑子。

4.0a month ago

Very beautiful and peaceful place. They were doing construction before an event so there was scaffolding, but even that was pretty. Inside the museum is a nice gift shop and a pretty public toilet. Quick note, if you want to take a photo of the shrine, take it from the side near the gravel (or the guard will politely remind you).

1.0in the last week

Only if you think building a memorial for Hitler and other nazi war criminals is correct. Shame that they have to turn a place of worship to propaganda even today.

5.02 weeks ago

I went to Mitama Matsuri that is well known as a famous summer festival in Tokyo it’s one of Tokyo’s most popular summer festivals. Over 30,000 lanterns are lit up along the approach to the shrine and that was so beautiful especially at night!

3.02 months ago

It's complicated to give comment to this place. Scenery speaking, it's beautiful. One has to know history to visit this place. The museum offers the birth of Meiji Era to the invasion to Asian countries from the perspective of Japan. One may not know the whole picture. Yet, it's a place to visit.

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