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There are over 2,466,000 enshrined kami (deities) listed in the Yasukuni's Symbolic Registry of Divinities. This list includes soldiers, as well as women and students who were involved in relief operations in the battlefield or worked in factories for the war effort.Enshrinement is not exclusive to people of Japanese descent. Yasukuni Shrine has enshrined 27,863 Taiwanese and 21,181 Koreans without consultation of surviving family members and in some cases against the stated wishes of the family members. Many more kami are enshrined at Chinreisha.

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4.02 months ago

Breathtakingly beautiful shrine. Old trees surround the temple and there were many visitors coming to pay their respects. Yasukuni is a shrine that honors all of the fallen warriors who have fought for Japan. Because of this, it has gained an infamous reputation due to known war criminals being honored at this site. There is a museum next door that is worth visiting as well, for they have English translations.

5.03 months ago

One of the largest shrine in Tokyo, enshrines all military dead. Also very famous for cherry blossoms and Japanese garden.

Shrine also have military museum. But compared with other countries such as China or US the scale is very limited. There are only only several WW II military planes and tanks, so very limited value to visit as military museum.

Shrine itself is so-called war-criminal. Chinese people say it enshrines class A war criminals so the shrine must be evil shrine. The Japanese visitors warship class A criminals as gods. But this is definitely big misinterpretation. The shrine enshrines all dead's soul rather than leaders in wartime, from high-ranking brass to bottom soldiers. Also many people visit this shrine simply because one of the largest shrine in very center of the Tokyo.

At least, this shrine is controversial, even though you can find many things if you come to this shrine. A good place to visit.

4.0a month ago

Despite the controversy that sometimes surrounds Yasukuni-jinja it is a very enjoyable shrine with relaxing walkways and shade to get you out of the blazing heat, as well as very cool 'sakura' plates representing each prefecture and creatively designed.
What may get overlooked is how much of the shrine's monuments are dedicated to the idea of peace and the cessation of fighting. It's a somber, but very enjoyable, shrine.

4.0a month ago

A great huge shrine. They have a interesting museum, and occasionally have a magnificent Shinto festival as well.

5.03 months ago

I came here to figure out what all the hype & controversy was about.

Ended being captivated by a beautiful temple ground that was immaculately well preserved and spiritual, despite the horde of crowds. I didn't went to the museum due to time constraints but at ¥800 it is worth a visit if you're already here.

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