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There are over 2,466,000 enshrined kami (deities) listed in the Yasukuni's Symbolic Registry of Divinities. This list includes soldiers, as well as women and students who were involved in relief operations in the battlefield or worked in factories for the war effort.Enshrinement is not exclusive to people of Japanese descent. Yasukuni Shrine has enshrined 27,863 Taiwanese and 21,181 Koreans without consultation of surviving family members and in some cases against the stated wishes of the family members. Many more kami are enshrined at Chinreisha.

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3.0a month ago

It is a pretty shrine, surrounded by pretty Sakura in full bloom during my visit.

As pretty as it is, it is also controversial. I have added two photos of a leaflet that was distributed in the shrine.

It is a painful reminder of how humans are manipulated into offering their lives.
It is a sad reminder that many young ones perished in faraway lands for nothing but ''the country that they loved'.
It is an angering reminder that those young ones took the lives of innocents and those who defended their country against invaders.
It is an alarming reminder that their actions are still glorified by this shrine.

Take a moment and ask yourself what a 23 year old was doing in China, for what purpose and how necessary his death was. Being elevated does not have to mean to blindly discard the value of your life for 'the country that you love'.

Let this shrine be an important reminder that peace must be preserved and let it not be a glorification of manipulated 'martyrs'.

4.04 months ago

The famous 靖國神社 which is sacred for Japan notwithstanding it seems also controversial as Chinese and Korean have kept protesting the Japanese top official’s open worship at here. At the end of the day, it provides a place for all those who have sacrificed themselves for the goodness of Japan and memorial of patriots. Such kind of worship should be respected if we all believe in freedom of religion.

5.05 months ago

A rigid, historical Shinto shrine located in Tokyo. Many visitors visit here every year. Japanese Prime Ministers, historically yet not necessarily all of them, have paid a visit here in the summer to commemorate the deceased during the war. It has a wide variety of buildings. The museum located inside the shrine was interesting. Recommended for Japanese and foreign tourists who want to learn about the history of Japan.

5.05 months ago

Very large shrine is probably the most iconic here. It is almost a little bit intimidating, but makes me wonder how long and much it took to build such a thing. It is a long way to get to the main entrance, about a few minutes of walk straight. The temple is just like any other ones in Japan, so it did not occur to me to have a special impression. Indeed, this is a great place to visit.

5.06 months ago

A must see in Tokyo. Come to the garden at the back of shine. The Japanese garden is what inspired Monet to create a series of masterpieces Water Lilies. This garden is probably the best you can see in the world. Feel the tranquil and fluid nature of the moment, and that is the essence of Japanese philosophy of beauty

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