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Tokyo Trick Art Museum4.0

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This is a place to play with visual illusions, stepping into a multitude of stereoscopic paintings. You can take pictures and pretend you are being eaten by sharks, chased by monsters, and enclosed in a lantern or a glass. The highlights are Ninja scenes where you lie on the floor and you look like running on the ceiling in a fight with ninjas (if you rotate the photo afterwards). Bring cameras and friends with you, and enjoy the world of trompe l'oeil. It is on the 4th floor of Decks Tokyo Beach, Odaiba.

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4.02 months ago

This place is super fantastic!!! The art is so amazing it will completely blow your mind. The second exhibit will lead you into a web weaved of wonderful eye trickery and confusion. I have never seen such incredible mind altering images that will fascinate you for a long time. I recommend this place for all ages.

4.06 months ago

Well worth the time and money! We had a day to kill with kids and what a fun way to do it! The art work was amazing. What has let us down was the photos here. We needed to be in a better angle to get even better photos.

Kids had a wonderful time posing and then checking out how it looked. Take your time and make sure you have the best position before you click.

The museum is not very big so expect to spend about 40-60 minutes.

3.03 weeks ago

I was expecting so much from this museum and ended up a bit disapointed. The lights are not good there and the place is so small, when you start having fun, it's already over. It was a bit expensive considering it's so small (1000 yen). Yet, it was fun.

4.03 months ago

Awesome place! Great pictures can be taken there and you have a lot of fun whilst deciding which is the best position to create a good effect. The only bad thing is that the places where you are supposed to pose are always quite worn away and that can be spotted in the photos, so it would be good that every now and then they repaint them.

5.0in the last week

Great place do much fun for all ages,good pictures to take,friendly staff

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