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Kumano Hongu Taisha is one of three destinations of the Kumano faith pilgrimage, and the head shrine of around 3,000 Kumano shrines across the country. The original shrine located near the river was destroyed by a violent flood in 1889, and a new shrine was built 500m away. On this original spot, Japan's highest torii gate (34m) was constructed in 2000, evoking the legacy of the original shrine dating back more than 1,000 years.

If you want to experience a feel of pilgrimage, go to Hosshimon Oji by bus to walk the final 7km section of the route to the shrine. En route, there is a good outlook to view the sprawling forest surrounding the original sacred spot. Round out your trip with a dip in one of three onsen - Yunomine, Kawayu and Watrase.

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4.0a week ago

I loved the back post with Yatagarasu, three-legged sacred crow. Noted on my wonder-tips site.

5.07 months ago

Elegant and classy shrine, a quite place where you can truly enjoy its beauty. Try the mochi and tea near the entrance, deciduous.

5.03 months ago

A truly beautiful place

3.09 months ago

Not the best but OK if you have been to all the usual touristy places. The most exciting part is the drive leading to the shrine.

5.011 months ago

Must visit. Used to be located on the island below — Oyunohara — until floods in the 1800s washed it away. Don't miss eating the Mode Mochi — a mochi specialty of the three main shrines, sprinkled with ground brown rice powder. ¥350 set with green tea down below (in the strip of shops to the left of the giant staircase). If you're feeling extra rich, you can get a personal blessing starting at ¥5,000. Inquire within the office. Hongu also has amazing postcards with beautifully sewn / inlaid images.

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