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Over a millennium, nobles and commoners alike have been making pilgrimages to the inner mountains of the southern Kansai region. The routes they followed from Kyoto and Ise are today collectedly known as the Kumano Kodo ('Kumano Old Road') and make up an important part of the region's world heritage destinations. These are the only pilgrimage routes, besides the Camino de Santiago in Europe, to be listed a world heritage site.

The destinations of pilgrimage are three grand shrines in the Kumano area - Hongu Taisha, Hayatama Taisha and Nachi Taisha. The area is covered with untouched forests, and peaks and valleys are lined up one after another, creating a sacred atmosphere for the Kumano faith based on prehistoric mountain worship. As Kumano is one the heaviest rainfall region in Japan, extensive sections are paved with cobblestones and flagstones to prevent erosion.

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