Nachi Waterfall

Sightseeing information about Nachi Waterfall in Japan.

World Heritage: Nachi Waterfall4.5

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This 133m-high, perpendicular waterfall is one of the sacred spots in the Kumano faith, based on prehistoric forms of nature worship, and is connected to the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes. The waterfall is also called Misuji-no-taki ('three streak waterfall') as its waters fall down from three mouths, which gather four waterheads originated from Mount Machi. In the upstream, there are a series of waterfalls, often called Nachi 48 Waterfalls, where moutain ascetics practice rituals and spells.

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4.0a month ago

Picturesque falls set in a nice natural surrounding. 4 stars becaause the falls were, while impressive, not as impressive as.others I've seen. No pool at the base just a rocky outcrop.

5.06 months ago

A must visit place when you come to wakayama. It’s the largest waterfall in Japan, it’s magnificent and well maintained. Many people come here to pray... do remember to cleanse yourself first before entering.

You can also climb up to see a closer look of the magnificent waterfall and drink the famous natural water.

The place was renovating when I was there but did not affect anything. I highly recommend people to visit!

5.02 months ago

100% Must be on bucket list for all nature lovers who visit Wakayama prefecture.
Nachi falls stand at around 133m being the tallest waterfall in the Japan.
Good to visit all the year but if you want to see the shear power and size of the waterfall try to visit on the rainy days.
You can view it from the base but there is also a small platform close to the fall which makes you feels a bit closer.
There are other shrine and temples which can also be seen along with the falls.
Things to keep in mind before visiting:
No convenience stores near falls (though there are toilets available)
Car Parking available at various levels.

Kindly make sure to maintain dignity of the secret place and have a great trip!👍

5.0a week ago

Very beautiful, calm, and sacred place to visit

5.06 months ago

Seek and you will find the hidden path to the top, but go beyond and you will drop. The Sheerest ridge is atop, so take your time ease your mind.

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