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Nebuta House Wa Rasse4.0

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This museum was opened in 2011 and shows history of the summer festival, Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, displaying art works of illuminated floats used in the past. In the atrium are several life-size floats with very impressive, larger-than-life images. The words "Wa Rasse" are coined to mean harmony ('wa') with 'rasse', the spirited shout in the festival.

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5.0in the last week

As you arrive in Aomori by train Wa Rasse will be the first sightseeing place for you on the right side of Aomori train station. Nebuta floats that were used during the Nebuta festival in the previous years are placed here for you to see and why not, perform.
Give it a try! You will love it!
Come back in August to enjoy the festival! You will never forget it!

5.04 weeks ago

Stunning place, the collect yearly of the paper lamp that were used to celebrating in festival. Amazing art work, so you can study how it were made and the his story. This museum is just right in front if the station, in winter they also showing kids made paper lamp outside the museum. The museum itself is not that big bur it worth to visit.

5.0a month ago

This museum shows the excellent craftsmanship of Aomori people. It is worth going. They also simulate and teach you how they perform during the festival (drum, cymbals and dance steps).

5.0a month ago

Amazing place with great works of art. The floats are incredibly detailed. Also got to Play drums. Great place to come

4.03 months ago

The fee is 600 yen. It's small than what you would expected, all pictures posted here is that about it but still pleasure to the eyes to see those vibrant exhibit. Worth the tour, since you already here. There's a restaurant at the back of the first floor with reasonable price and helpful staff plus a sea view seat.

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