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Nebuta House Wa Rasse4.0

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This museum was opened in 2011 and shows history of the summer festival, Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, displaying art works of illuminated floats used in the past. In the atrium are several life-size floats with very impressive, larger-than-life images. The words "Wa Rasse" are coined to mean harmony ('wa') with 'rasse', the spirited shout in the festival.

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4.04 months ago

Worth a visit. Giant floats from the famous summer festival, and they're spectacular all right. A bit of description in English, both on signs and through a QR code app thingy, so you can kind of read more context. A bit modest if compared to the equivalent museum in Hirosaki.

5.08 months ago

This is a very cool museum. Both the outside of the museum with its unique architecture and the inside with all the wonderful Nebuta displays. I've posted some pictures but didn't include all of the floats so as to not ruin the experience. It's worth going to see these displays in three dimensions as they really are quite beautiful and detailed.

5.02 months ago

The architecture of the museum is very interesting. In the museum you can learn a lot about the history of Nebuta festivals like how is it made the nebuta float and so on. Enjoy the museum at slow pace and you will make most out of it.

5.03 months ago

While this place wasn't huge, it was packed with a lot of amazing stuff. For fans of the Nebuta festival, it is awesome to see past winners and tutorials on how the floats are made. Don't expect to spend the afternoon there due to the size, but expect to be wowed by incredible artistic creations.

4.08 months ago

Wonderful experience, highly recommended if you find yourself in this area. The "movie" was rather dull, just the rereading of the text by each piece of art. The creations themselves are glorious depictions of Japanese myths and legends.

Good for families.

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