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Aomori Museum of Art4.2

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This modern art museum features mainly in the permanent collection that includes pop artist Nara Yoshitomo (from Hirosaki) and master print maker Munakata Shiko (from Aomori). The museum itself is a dug out to resemble the adjacent Sannai Maruyama archaeological site, and is reached by a lift that goes underground. The interior is spacious and the ceiling is 3-story high. The museum is about 5km west of Aomori Station.

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4.0a month ago

The museum white unique style nicely blend with the snow, beautiful. No photo inside the museum. The あおもり犬 area will be closed during winter snow, can't reach in. No English information for exhibitions.

5.08 months ago

I like the complete white design. Simple and uncluttered. There are modern Japanese artists as well as a special collection of the pieces from the Uffizi museum in Italy currently.

5.010 months ago

Special exhibitions are very innovative curating mainly domestic today's artists should see that wants to know current contemporary art in Japan, permanent show is also great! Aomori born great artists work able to see such as Yoshitomo Nara, Daodo Moriyama, Shuji Terayama...
And unique and huge architect is also great by Jun Aoki.

3.06 months ago

The building itself is worthy of checking out, as for the permanent collection...well, it's interesting but limited

5.0a month ago

Good museum, should go to see it once.

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