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National Bunraku Theater3.7

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This national theater is designed to exclusively show the traditional puppet-mastery of bunraku. Each puppet is manipulated by three puppeteers - one operating the feet, another the left hand, and the main artist the head and the right hand. The performance is accompanied by the narrator and the shamisen player.

There are two performances a day, each lasting about 4 hours. Don't forget that the theater is usually open for 3-week runs in January, April, June, July/August and November. Single act tickets are available at the counter on the same day. English pamphlet and audio guide are available.

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1.0a month ago

Foreigners are only allowed to sit in the last two rows of the theatre, even half the place is empty they refuse to sell foreigners other tickets. As a foreigner you are also not allowed to enter the hall right away. You are required to wait in a separate area while the Japanese alone enter without being “disturbed” by foreigners. Some look at you with resentment anyway. It’s also really hard to follow the performance from those backseats.

The whole thing is, sadly, legal in Japan. Even more it is very sad to read positive reviews of Americans here who were so ignorant not to realizes the racial segregation at the theatre. They should know better. Well, all of us should.

5.04 months ago

Amazing Japanese experience!
Don’t forget to get the audio guide in English before you go in!
I believe Korean, Chinese and Japanese* audio guides are available and some flyers with info are available also in French.
*They have audio guides in Japanese because during the play the storyteller is speaking an old Japanese that is not completely understood even by local people.

5.05 months ago

Looking forward to theatre as I was going to Japan. What i can say, the play was very serious and long. Mine was the last play for the day, almost 2 hours plus with only ¥2,000. Love the place and mini museum. The only downside is the audit guide only provided the narratiob and content of the performance. If they able to provide word by word translation will be great.

4.05 months ago

Like other Japanese places, a very nice, clean place with efficient and helpful, tho with difficulty in English, staffs.
I enjoy my time there.

5.012 months ago

Absolutely a must do in Osaka. We saw the 11.00 show and it was a fantastic experience. The puppetry and music are outstanding. Definitely get the English headphones for narration, they also include general details and history of bunraku.

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I can guide gthis spot.

I can guide gthis spot.

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