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Santa Maria Cruise3.9

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If you visit Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan) or Tempozan ferris wheel, you might want to consider this 45-min cruise to enjoy sights around Osaka Bay. The views of the structures, including a 1,000m-long red bridge that crosses over the bay, are impressive. The cruise ship is a double-sized replica of the Santa Maria that Columbus sailed to discover the New World. The room dedicated to the history of the original ship is also interesting.

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4.0a year ago

The design of the ship is attractive for kids. Though there are outdoor seats in bow and stern for sightseeing, we preferred to stay inside and enjoy a cup of coffee. The journey took an hour to complete. Great rides

4.0a year ago

New experience for me and my husband .. you can relax & rest while watching the view of Osaka. Purchased Amazing pass for this activity. Long line at around 3pm.

5.0a year ago

Santa Maria cruise ship is on schedule. We boarded at 4 pm. The ship arrived at 3.45 pm. While waiting for the ship, you can walk around here, it is so refreshing! With OAP you just have to queue here, no need to exchange tickets or anything else. Not sure at what time does the ship starts cruising for the day, if I'm not mistaken around 10 /11 am. The schedule would be :11 am /12 pm /1pm.. And so on until 4 /5 pm depending on the season. So plan your trip wisely. You may go to Tempozan Ferris Wheel first. It is just walking distance from here.

4.0a year ago

Nice view.
Free attraction for Osaka Amazing Pass user.

5.02 years ago

We went to the ticket office to pay 500 yen extra to upgrade our tickets, so we get to sit inside an air conditioned cabin to enjoy the ride.

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