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Santa Maria Cruise3.9

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If you visit Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan) or Tempozan ferris wheel, you might want to consider this 45-min cruise to enjoy sights around Osaka Bay. The views of the structures, including a 1,000m-long red bridge that crosses over the bay, are impressive. The cruise ship is a double-sized replica of the Santa Maria that Columbus sailed to discover the New World. The room dedicated to the history of the original ship is also interesting.

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4.0in the last week

Nice trip round bay. VIP package includes a beer so good value

1.04 months ago

Oh my goodness. So boring. Osaka Port is a working industrial port, and as such, isn’t pretty. The boat is cool to look at, but I would recommend getting a photo as it arrives then saving yourself an hour of your life you’ll never get back. If you got the Osaka Amazing pass, I’m sure there are plenty of other better water/ cruise experiences.

5.06 months ago

Awesome ride! Cruising from the harbour of Osaka. Breathtaking views of the sunset if you are going for the twilight ride in the evening. The entrance fee can cost a bit. Would suggest u to get the amazing Osaka pass that will include the ride with any additional entrance fee. A 2 day pass would cost you 3300 yen which is very worth it. Highly recommended.

3.03 weeks ago

Good for industrial area lovers.
The 2nd-stair cafe cabin doesn't require you a cafe order.

3.0a month ago

We went there on a rainy day so the weather too cold.The outside cruise is so beautiful but not interested for a view.Osaka port is only container and container , if you have free time or need a break then ok,if not you don’t need to go.just take pictures outside and pass to others point. The cruise has a small coffee inside.Plus poing we got a short sleep about 30 minutes there haha

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