Palette Town Big Ferris Wheel

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Palette Town Big Ferris Wheel3.8

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This 115m-high ferris wheel in Odaiba offers spectacular views of major landmarks in Tokyo. This is a rare spot where you can see two tallest towers (Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower) and two major bridges (Tokyo Gate Bridge and Rainbow Bridge) at once in a panoramic view. Besides the regular cabins, the ferris wheel has several cabins called "Skeleton" with the floor, ceiling and walls totally see-through.

Illuminated at night, the structure is also nice to look at from the ground and adds a romantic feel to overall night views in Odaiba. Operating hours are until 10 p.m. on weekday and 11 p.m. on weekend. Interestingly, the music played in the cabin changes seasonably.

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3.02 months ago

My wife and I went to TeamLab. It was nice after about an hour+ wait in the line. The line ended under the bridge nearby, it was cold out as well. Probably not worth the wait in the winter time.
However, it was very big and nice inside, with multiple rooms and had great attention to detail. Some of the attractions are interactive as well.
*Great for families with kids. There's a large area for kids near the end that will guarantee your little one(s) will be tired out.

5.0a week ago

Super nice shopping mall. Has a fountain inside and TeamLab art inside, along with a coloured ceiling to look like the sky. Many known brand name stores.

2.0a month ago

Quiet and Clean. However, everything is expensive here. Even a meal. You should not buy anything here. Just use here for wondering around. Shimbashi for a meal. It’s direct access from Aomi station.

2.0a month ago

Palette town is a massive complex that is more than just a shopping centre. Its towering Ferris wheel, Daikanransha, can be seen all across Odaiba

5.02 months ago

New stores and new restaurants since 1 year.
Palette town is well decorated in venitian style (look like paris paris hotel in las vegas) ^_^
Shopping is huge with an outlet floor and a laox tax free store.
Very good pet stores too.
And many child fashiin clothes stores.
Near you have toyota museum and teamlab borderless.
Teamlab entry fee is a litlle bit pricey but it worth to visit one time to see magical lights effects. Many secret rooms with some good light surprises. Don't be scared of the dark ! It's really dark sometimes ^_^

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