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Namba Parks Mall4.3

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Namba Parks Mall is located just south of Namba Station and is so called because of its roof-top gardens spreading over many levels. This multiple shopping complex includes retailers selling fashion, accessories and homewares, and an array of restaurants including Korean, Vietnamese and Italian places. There are also a cinema and an emphitheater. The architecture, window showcasing and light-up design are all marvellous. The roof-top gardens offer a good stroll and benches to rest on.

Purposeeasily accessible,couple,Gourmet,fashion,shopping,let's hang out!
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4.0in the last week

So on one hand this is the most beautiful shopping mall/shopping street I've ever seen. Personally I full on despise shopping malls for the attention seeking consumerism temples they are. But this place actually made me feel good. It's so clean, the architecture is mostly round shapes, they play relaxing music. On the other hand, the shops are a bit too high-class for me. Mostly fashion shops where you grossly overpay for moderately attractive clothing. Color me surprised though, I never thought I'd ever feel at home in a shopping mall.

4.0a month ago

I really like the space provided in this complex. This is great to relax after you squeezed btw the crowds in busy Namba. Lots of branded stores in here. Good for families with children. There are some play areas, too. However, one set back is all the direction maps in this complex is in Japanese. It would be better if they can add the English names of the stores. I see quite a lot of foreigners here. I think this will help a lot if people.

4.0a month ago

Another good place to chill out in the area. With many options for shopping, conviniently located next to the airport train station. However, the highlight of this shopping mall are the gardens on the rooftops, with different paths and sections that can really give you a sense of rest in the middle of the crowds. The place is free. Recommended!

5.05 months ago

Namba Parks is great for shopping and eating out, however I usually come here only for the eight level rooftop garden. It's a wonderful, relaxing green space perfectly suited for having packed lunch/dinner or just for hanging out and getting away from the crowds for some time. There are always some free seats and it's quite quiet. The view is nice, too. On the top floor there is some dedicated space for children to play and a BBQ dinner place.

4.04 months ago

A shopping centre with a nature inspired design that feels like you're walking through a canyon. There's an 8-level rooftop garden which is the main attraction for me. There are many shops and restaurants inside and it's attached to Namba train station so it's very convenient to get to!

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