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Namba Parks Mall4.3

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Namba Parks Mall is located just south of Namba Station and is so called because of its roof-top gardens spreading over many levels. This multiple shopping complex includes retailers selling fashion, accessories and homewares, and an array of restaurants including Korean, Vietnamese and Italian places. There are also a cinema and an emphitheater. The architecture, window showcasing and light-up design are all marvellous. The roof-top gardens offer a good stroll and benches to rest on.

Purposeeasily accessible,couple,Gourmet,fashion,shopping,let's hang out!
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5.02 weeks ago

The Christmas lights is very beautiful. Namba Park is very festive. Namba Park is part of Namba Mall. The area is small. The Christmas light was really well done.

4.02 months ago

The mall was great, sadly most of the actual park was closed due to recent typhoon damage. We enjoyed the architecture of the mall. We had dinner in one of the restaurants below (there was no English menu so we used Google Translate on the menu and to communicate with the waitress as well.) We also ate a delicious crepe from the 1st floor stand.

4.0in the last week

Great place for a quick stop . Sit for a while after a long walk in Namba . The illumination at night also very beautiful .

4.05 months ago

It's a large shopping centre with a gorgeous view up at the top. There are multiple levels of terraces and open scenery, which is phenomenal when the weather's nice. There's also a restaurant up top with gorgeous views, but otherwise, the general open seating area will suffice just fine. Very clean and organized space and sometimes there are different food fairs or stalls on the upper floor outdoor areas (similar to a western style market).

4.02 weeks ago

Place is nicely lit up at night, for fall/winter only i believe, not very crowded, good for couples

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