Osaka City Central Public Hall

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Osaka City Central Public Hall3.5

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A symbolic landmark of the Nakanoshima district, this hall attracts visitors with its nostalgic, red-brick facade. If you visit Osaka in winter, this area celebrates the 'Feast of Light' illumination festival, and the hall's facade becomes a huge canvas for light painting. There are many other fascinating buildings around the hall and the adjacent park has a good rose garden.

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5.0a year ago

I love this place. The architecture is so nice, and in winter you can see the 3-d mapping show and enjoy illumination of the nearby streets. I believe there atmosphere is special in the area, one of the most enjoyable places of interest in Osaka.

3.02 years ago

When i was there in June, there is no lighting as in the photos. No people. I guess the lighting is seasonal. Nice scenery btw.

5.0a year ago

The building itself is a piece of beautiful architecture, the park is right next to the canal, which is a very peaceful place to take a stroll.

During the Christmas month, they have the amazing illumination show together with the 3D mapping, it’s one of the must see places in Osaka!

5.02 years ago

OSAKA CITY CENTRAL PUBLIC HALL is elegant Neo-Renaissance architecture.
It holds regular guided tours.
The special course is 2,000 yen including lunch and souvenir.
Lectures have been given by historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Helen Keller and Gagarin.

5.02 years ago

The history of this place made my visit, loved every corner of this building

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