Osaka City Central Public Hall

Sightseeing information about Osaka City Central Public Hall in Japan.

Osaka City Central Public Hall3.5

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A symbolic landmark of the Nakanoshima district, this hall attracts visitors with its nostalgic, red-brick facade. If you visit Osaka in winter, this area celebrates the 'Feast of Light' illumination festival, and the hall's facade becomes a huge canvas for light painting. There are many other fascinating buildings around the hall and the adjacent park has a good rose garden.

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5.09 months ago

The building itself is a piece of beautiful architecture, the park is right next to the canal, which is a very peaceful place to take a stroll.

During the Christmas month, they have the amazing illumination show together with the 3D mapping, it’s one of the must see places in Osaka!

5.010 months ago

I love this place. The architecture is so nice, and in winter you can see the 3-d mapping show and enjoy illumination of the nearby streets. I believe there atmosphere is special in the area, one of the most enjoyable places of interest in Osaka.

5.0a year ago

Attended Face Of Japan 2019 & Sakura Collection 2019 at Osaka City Central Public Hall. Beautiful place, nice place for photos & events. Hope to visit here again! ❤️❤️❤️

4.0a year ago

Along the way, you can see garden, river and the livelyhood of local.

3.02 years ago

It’s nice. Every piece is not so big, how I can say......humble and cute. If you have chance to go,I recommend there.

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