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Isuien Garden3.5

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Isuien Garden, located on the western fringe of Todaji Temple, is beautifully laid out and arguably the best garden in Nara City. It is divided into two parts, a front garden dating from the mid-17th century, and a rear garden created in the late 19th century by a wealthy merchant. The front garden has a teahouse offering green tea and sweet red bean soup (zenzai), and the rear garden is reputed for its "borrowed landscape(a technique of creating the greater space by incorporating distant elements of the surrounding landscape)" of Todaji Temple's gate and nearby hills as a backdrop to the sprawling lawns.

There is a small museum attached to the garden that displays a collection of pottery and other artefacts from Korea and China. This spot is relatively unknown to tourists and you can enjoy a serene and relaxed atmosphere even at the time of autumn foliage colors.

Address : 74 Suimoncho, Nara
Access : a 15-min walk from Nara Sta.

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5.0a year ago

Beautiful Zen garden. It is rather small but we still spent an hour taking in the scenery around 2 ponds, bridges, stepping stone paths and several small tea houses. Admission is 900 yen per person but we felt it was money well spent. Entry is from a street right outside of Nara Park.

5.0a year ago

Well worth visiting if you like gardens. A tour guide was available to explain some of the design thinking.

5.0a year ago

Very peaceful and good place to relax the mind. For photography is very recommended

5.011 months ago

Small but you should stay hours and enjoy the tranquility. “Expensive” is subjective, you can walk through it in 10 minutes, don’t. If you have time to relax, I recommend! If you’re a city folk, fast walk type person, stay out ;)

5.0a year ago

Don't have the words to describe this magnificent beautiful garden... Absolutely must visit place!

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