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Nara National Museum4.3

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The Nara National Museum, on the fringe of Nara Park, is an art museum mainly devoted to Japanese Buddhist. The main building, the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall, established in 1894 with the facade of elegant French Renaissance style, houses a wide collection of Buddhist images including many of national treasures.

The newer East and West wings holds permanent collections of sculptures, paintings and calligraphy for special exhibitions. A special exhibition featuring treasures from Todaiji Temple takes place around October and November every year, drawing fanciers of Japanese antiquities. The museum is located close to Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

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5.03 months ago

Truly amazing collection! The Buddhist statuary is some of the best I've ever seen-- well-curated, well-restored, and well-presented.

Definitely get the audio guide for the Sculpture Gallery; it contains a lot of information not available on the exhibit intro or placards.

The only complaint I have is the price... the standard ticket was alright, but between the special exhibition and audio guides (which are pretty necessary, as only very basic info is presented on the tags) I ended up spending nearly 3,000¥ for one person. I wish they had a combo ticket including everything.

4.07 months ago

The Nara national museum consists of three sections which you can access with the one ticket admission. The first section is upstairs and mainly consists of very old Japanese scrolls.

The second section is in the basement and is also free. This part of the museum begins with various posters of Japanese art and finishes with carvings of Buddha.

The last section and in my opinion the best part is the vast collection of Buddha statues. I highly recommend paying for the audio guide as almost everything is written in Japanese.

4.06 months ago

Nice museum housing many Buddhist artefacts from the past. A great window into Nara's past. English description of exhibit is a bit lacking. Photo-taking not allowed within exhibition zone. Would not recommend a visit unless you are interested in Buddhism. Do visit the cafe at the basement.

5.05 months ago

Went to see the National Heritage Exhibition that only shows items once. Very interesting to see Japanese traditional culture through art.
A must for the curious.

5.04 months ago

it's one of the great historical museum in Japan, especially in term of Buddhism historical related stories.

many precious valuable objects to present the Buddhism doctrine flourishing in Japan during the ancient heyday era.

it's located in middle way of the walking path to To'daiji Temple (the tourist attraction spot), hence don't miss the great learning opportunity to fulfil the historal knowledge about this ancient sacred site.

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