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Nara National Museum4.3

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The Nara National Museum, on the fringe of Nara Park, is an art museum mainly devoted to Japanese Buddhist. The main building, the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall, established in 1894 with the facade of elegant French Renaissance style, houses a wide collection of Buddhist images including many of national treasures.

The newer East and West wings holds permanent collections of sculptures, paintings and calligraphy for special exhibitions. A special exhibition featuring treasures from Todaiji Temple takes place around October and November every year, drawing fanciers of Japanese antiquities. The museum is located close to Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

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4.02 months ago

There is a lot in this museum really, the place is pretty large. Wondering around each area is dedicated to specific topics / types of items. Its nice to walk around however to get into some areas there can sometimes be queues which can get quite long. So you may have to wait to see certain things.

4.02 months ago

I wonder The statues are similar to south Indian especially like Tamil Nadu temples as same as Tamil ideology good place to explore Buddha's ideology

5.02 months ago

Very informative museum. Explanations in English accompany the statues.

5.08 months ago

Wonderful museum with great pieces of art covering the local and national Japanese culture. There's also bowing deer here as well. I would recommend coming here if you would like pictures with the deer as they're much less aggressive here and will eat leaves and grass from your hand.

Note: Visited prior to Covid, so things may be different.

5.0a year ago

A wonderful museum showcasing Buddha sculptures and art. It is a large and comprehensive collection. A special exhibit featuring the artifices from the emperor (Nara was the ancient capital before Kyoto) made the admission higher (cannot separate the regular and special exhibit so the price is higher but includes both tickets)...the combination was just amazing!

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