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Karantei Tea House4.0

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Kanrantei is a large Momoyama-style tea house overlooking the bay. This elaborately ornate structure was originally built in Kyoto and move here in the 17th century. It served as a place for tea ceremonies and moon-viewing parties.

One of its rooms has sliding doors covered in gold and calligraphy artworks hung on the walls. Visitors can sip a bowl of whisked green tea, enjoying a sweeping view of the bay. Behind the tea house is a small museum that displays armors, weapons, tools and other artefacts.

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5.02 months ago

Beautiful Tea House with wonderful small grounds. The view is impressive! I tried to imagine how it looked at the time of it's building. Built to view the moon over the bay. Nice feelings here.

2.011 months ago

Walk up a flight of stairs and you have an expansive open view overlooking the Matsushima bay, cannot enter without paying entrance fee and buying a tea. Construction all around though and busy surrounding, not serene. Ok matcha tea slightly expensive and not much service. I would prefer teahouses in a temple setting

2.010 months ago

The museum is a little ill maintained and you're charged 200 yen. The tea at the tea house cost 400 yen where you could supply the green tea and feast upon the view of the bay.

5.0a year ago

Peaceful place with an amazing view and authentic traditional Japanese style

5.0a week ago


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