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This city museum stands on the former castle ground and principally explain history of Sendai City and Miyagi Prefecture. Among main highlights are numerous artefacts from the Date family that provide a comprehensive account of the clan's sumurai culture in the Edo period. This is the place you can learn more about the powerful samurai lord Date Masamune who is also known as 'One-Eyed Dragon' because of his blind eye.

Also impressive is an exhibition focusing on Hasekura Tsunenaga, a retainer of Date Masamune and the first Japanese ambassador to Europe and the Americas. During 1613-1620, Hasekura led a diplomatic mission to Spain and the Vatican in Rome, traveling by way of New Spain (Acapulco and Veracruz). You can see the portrait pictures of Hasekura and Pope Paul IV, both of which are included in the UNESCO's Memory of the World, and many other articles he brought back.

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4.03 weeks ago

A decent selection of artifacts. Have the audio guide otherwise most of the explanations are done in Japanese. Story goes that Dark Vader was inspired from the black samurai armor still part of the collection. Have a look for yourself...

4.0a week ago

Good for history lovers.
You can spend here 15 minutes, or an hour and a half, depends on you.
Friendly staff members!

5.02 months ago

Great museum with big kids play area showcasing old Japanese toys. You can also book time slots to try on some beautiful kimonos

5.02 months ago

Good information and interesting exhibition showing the history of Sendai and Miyagi area

5.0a year ago

Fantastic, very spacious and had many employees and volunteers who were eager to explain the history behind the exhibits. Photos were allowed of most of the items, and there was an interactive area towards the end. The bathrooms were clean and souvenir shop appreciated. There was also a free cloakroom/locker service which alllowed us to enjoy the museum without carrying too many things around.

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