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This onsen, discovered in the 9th century, is famed for its hot springs of healing qualities and attracts visitors seeking physical and mental recuperation. Legend has it that an ascetic priest in the nearby Mount Gassan, one of three sacred mountains in this area, healed his broken elbow in a hot spring pool. The area is surround by a ring of mountains, which was a volcanic crater in the ancient times, thus rich in hot springs.

There are 23 small ryokan with narrow alleys running through the village. From April through November, a morning fair starts at dawn and housewives in the nearby farms sell fresh vegetables, fruits and mushrooms with vibrant cries of welcome. A rickshaw ride through the village is wonderful especially after taking a bath and dressed in casual summer kimono (yukata).

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Historical, old-fashioned hot spring district, especially known as an area of the heavy snowfall in Japan. This nostalgic, peaceful atmosphere surrounded by mountains attracts many people for a long time. You need to drive or take a bus from Shinjo station(新庄駅) through a long narrow road to get there. That isn't an easy access but it makes the place mysterious.

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