Sightseeing information about Shigaraki in Japan.


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This town, 30km southeast of Otsu city, is famous for its production of pottery wares. As one of the six oldest pottery centers in Japan, Shigaraki has a long tradition dating from 8th century when tiles were made for nearby palaces. During the Muromachi and Momoyama periods (1336-1603), Shigaraki established its fame as a producer of teapots, water jugs, flower vases and other items associated with tea ceremony.

Vessels, pots and tableware including sake-warming bottles have also been highly acclaimed, but the town's name is now best known for its humorous tanuki (raccoon dog) pottery figures. Considered a lucky charm, the figures are placed at the entrance of shops and homes, with broad hats on their heads and sake flasks in their hands. In Shigaraki, you will see them at every corner of town.

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